Another 52 weeks of color – Week 9

Week Nine:


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It’s a Schadenfreude week! EVERYTHING we both have on, apart from our basics, is by Schadenfreude SLURL

On me
Outfit – Schadenfreude Noir Funambule Set
Schadenfreude Sunshine Polka Dots & Stripe Corsets
Jewelry – Schadenfreude Complete Avian Set
Hair – Schadenfreude Momo

On Adar
Schadenfreude Ash Stripe Pants
Schadenfreude Sunshine Polka Dot Neckties
Schadenfreude Yellow Oxford Shirt
Schadenfreude Pitch Striped Vest
Sim – the Secret Underground Base SLURL

I had such FUN styling this week’s color. I knew Dandelion would look good on Adar so I went looking something for him. Then I found mine, as I had nothing the right shade in my inventory, and the whole Schadenfreude bit was semi unplanned. In that once I noticed we where both in mostly clothing by Her I just went all out.

The hair I have on is part of a group gift. The Schadenfreude Group is a pay group. 250, but worth it JUST for this hair! I saw them in an ad for one of Allegory’s corsets and had to track them down. You get 7 hairstyles in total, and a hud that lets you change the color. Of EVERYTHING. you can change just ONE prim to a different color if you want. IT IS AWESOME. I love having that much control over the streaks in my hair.

The location is another destination guide find. Adar is used to games that give him something to do other than just explore and look around. So I wanted to find us someplace like that to play around in. The Secret Underground Base looked easy enough for him, as he’s not used to SL movement right now. And I know the reputation of the builder Loki.

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You pick up a hud for pass key for 100 and it lets you in forever. As well as a hud and a stick to smack things with. Then enter a tunnel. Which gave us a bit of problems for seeing our way around. But we managed. Then found a room with caged Gelantaious cubes to whack. As well as some other things.

It’s not a very long adventure. I had hoped for something longer in the style of Mad Peas. But it was good for helping him learn stuff again. It’s been so long since he was able to BE on SL at all.

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In fact, I think the next time we’re on I’m taking him to one of the old orientation stations to allow him to get the basics down again.

Then after that we’ll tackle something harder.

Speaking of Hard, Finding good couple poses for people with wings is HARD. Can’t be front to back, wings, can’t be back to back, wings, And I didn’t want anything to romantic. But I did find a nice one in the end. Now just to find more!

All of this weeks shots at

Now to find my Avocado outfit and get the post ready BEFORE my next Academy for Ren faire.

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 8

Week Seven:

Dark raspberry

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Outfit – **EC* Fairytale GownSLURL
Hair .:EMO-tions:. * HELENA * SLURL
Pose Juxtapose – Posy Was A Good Girl #1 SLURL
Sim – Steelhead Nevermoor SLURL

This week so very got away from me. Started the academies for the Ren faire I am on cast of. Oklahoma Renaissance Faire if you want to know. I’m back in the fairy glen if you ever go to it. Every weekend in May! I thought I’d be able to get the color post done Sunday night or Monday. But I had some massive Car issues over the weekend, which had me super stressed all weekend. So I got in late Sunday and Monday was spent in a lack of stress sleep.

Then the rest of the week stuff just got away from me. Snow’s gone in Steelhead so I was redoing my home plot. And just other stuff, a lot of it not pertaining to the internet at all. I TRIED to go to a location to explore and photo, but the spot turned out to be not what I was expecting so I didn’t bother with it. And then I just kept forgetting to find a new place. So I am out of time!

So you just get a single shot of me in a lovely Eve’s closet gown on my now all green again home in Steelhead Nevermoor.

Just hoping this won’t end up a trend for the run of Academies and faire. Especially the car problems 😛



When sorting your inventory, don’t hit add to outfit instead of remove from outfit. Bad things happen.


I am wearing parts of 27 different outfits thanks to that. And I crashed. AND it was the second time I’ve done that today!

Also I’m almost done with the great gown sort. I’m in the purples! The pink folder is DONE!

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 7

Week Seven:


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Outfit – *katat0nik* (red) Jester Dress Set
*katat0nik* Jester Staff SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Velvet SLURL
Pose [LAP] – Emerald City Gem SLURL
Sim – Photon’s Castle SLURL

Folly turned out to be such a fun color. And while I am sure I have some Folly in my inventory, I ended up buying something. I had gone to get the outfit I am wearing in pink. but the red was folly red so I went, eh, why not! Then I had to find a fun sim to go with the fun outfit and settled on Photon’s Castle.

Such a HUGE change from last week! I totally enjoyed myself. So colorful and playful. My only grip is I’d love more stuff to click on and mess with. But then I ALWAYS want that 😛

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Photo’s Castle is rather a counterpoint, or partner, to Lemondrop’s Forest. Or at the very lest the two are friends and leave references to the others sim about their sim. And I sure hope the forest is still about, I tried to TP to it just now and it failed.

The inside of the castle is a store more or less, but still neat looking. Everything so colorful. Lots of gadgets and gizmo’s to buy, usually quite inexpensively as well. Several levels to go to.

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OUTSIDE the castle though, it gets really wild! Go out the front and pick a path, there are two that each wrap around the whole sim, Though at times the stone path vanishes and you have to just, guess by lay of the land, where to go. It doesn’t vnaish for long and soon ehough you’ll know your on the path still.

I took the upper path first, then found a MAP showing both paths and took the outer path. Both are full of equally wacky stuff. huge octopus, weir bugs, crystal caves, flying sharks, dragons, pirates. The works really *nods*

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Theres a few hidden areas, or at least hard to spot ones. As well as a balloon tour you can take. Which I found at the END of everything. But I still took it and enjoyed myself.

I highly recommend going and having a good time. I think it would make a fun picnic spot with friends as you can rez stuff, just remember to clean up after yourself! All of my photos

Now to make valentines day images, and look for next weeks color. Dark Raspberry.

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 6

Week Six:

Alice blue

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Outfit – *GF* Empire Dress [Platinum Hunt 2] SLURL
Hair””D!va”” Hair “Diva” SLURL
Sim – Sopor Aeternum SLURL

I was originally going to have Adar in this weeks photo with me. But I could NOT find anything that would look good on him. So I think I’ll wait till a color comes along he’ll look good in. Like greens. Not next weeks color. Red on red skin? Not gonna even try.

I had an easy time finding this color. This gown is a hunt item and was just, perfect. I’m not sure if I even looked anymore after it. LOVE This hair too, its so pretty. Pose did give me some fits, mostly in getting the pearls to be in the right position in my mouth.

Now to talk about the sim.

I saw Sopor Aeternum in the Destination guide where it is described as thus: Explore this magical land where echoes of children’s laughter reverberate in gleeful tones and a church choir colors the air with melody. Ride the carousel, meander among the fields and contemplate the mysteries of the fairies and other mystical creatures that roam this land. Grab a balloon and drift away in the wintry winds.

I can not, really CAN NOT, stress how much FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH that description is. This is not a lovely and magical sim. It is a dark and macabre sim. Going there was like, sitting down and expecting to watch Labyrinth, with its glitter and Muppets and David Bowe’s pants, and getting PAN’S Labyrinth, with its creepy hand eye guy and blood and other stuff I don’t know about as Adar and Turlock have declared I’m not allowed to watch it, instead. Sure you get some of the things it says, but NOT in the way it says! Also if you are of a highly religious nature, you might find some things offensive.

Now, it is an amazing build. Quite atmospheric and well laid out. It’s just, “not what it says on the box”. I also did find one rather pretty fairy like area, where I took the dress image at. I plan to track down the builder of that area and check out the rest of their stuff.

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Oh and yes there IS a carousel, as a part of a very dark and creepy run down carnival. Not anything I’d want a kid to see.

There are lots of things to play with and sit on scattered about. So I did like that. But click with caution! Some are rather, putting.

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I did find a few lovely things, like that fairy ruins. Also there is this neato pose frame in the house on the other half of the sim not containing the carnival. It had an Alice theme and you became a part of the artwork.

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I am quite sure I could have enjoyed the sim more if the Destination guide had given a more accurate description of it. You can see all my photos of it here

And, now I’m going to ask a few technical questions.

Either my camera moving skills SUCK, its my mouse or its just SL for you. But sometimes I can NOT get the camera to move just a TINY bit to better frame a photo. No it moves so that it is totally useless. Is there a HUD device to make smaller adjustments to the camera then the UI allows you? Or is it my hardware/ computer sucking?


Why is it, when I enter a sim with “use region wind light automatically” set I get one setting. *for sopar it was the brown fog like setting* But if I switch settings off for a photo and then want to go back to the region windlight I get a completely different setting then when I entered? For Sopar that was a clear sky but at night setting. Which one is the correct region windlight setting? And if it shouldn’t be doing that how do i fix that?

Now to go find something close to the next shade, Folly. Its a red.


I need to do a clean out of my photo folders, badly. I have some stuff from YEARS ago that’s been sitting “waiting for me to go back and finish exploring”. Or is just stuff I took and never got around to posting. So..time to post it! There will also be some babbling in this post.

But first, the links!

Wait..first..a me showing off. I entered the White Armory Photo contest last month. Did not win but I am SO proud of the photo I took. I used no post processing on it. But it looks AMAZING. The reflection trick I stumbled on back in December was used again for it.

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Ok now the links, with a teaser shot or two from some of them.

This one is the biggest and spans the longest amount of time. It’s got all kinds of stuff in it. It’s got photo shoots, Exploring of some holiday locations, my Tea Garden and Nevermore Plot. None Steelhead events, Sims I never finished mucking about. I could have put a lot of them into there own photo set, but decided not to. Because I am lazy 😛 You can tell the REALLY old stuff due to me being in my old Luskwood avi.

Click to see bigger

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This is an interesting lil place I found in the destination guide. this recreation of Robert A. Heinlein’s “Crooked House” by Seifert Surface. Explore the interconnected rooms of the house, which is modeled on a four-dimensional hypercube. Its good to go play in for a bit.

This is a pretty sim designed by Andrek Lowell, whose sims I am a huge fan of. It’s more commercial then the others, you can rent a house here. And I couldn’t find any quests. But it still holds all his usual artistry.

Click to see bigger events/

Shots from various Steelhead events. Mostly of Tensai and Lunar’s amazing Friday night Dance builds.

I learned of this amazing show from Honour’s blog I went human for it and it was WORTH IT!

And lastly some outtakes from holiday images, and a sim I half way explored that was quite pretty.

Click to see bigger

Now for the babbling.

Firstly, WOW.I must give a public thank you to Elise Capalini for her generosity. My post about the sim Cake touched her and Pipsqueak Fiddlesticks. Pipsqueak owns the sim and Elise is the owner of Cupcakes & poetry. Elise gifted me with some of her wonderful cupycake items. It’s a first for me to get something due to a blog post so I wanted to give her a public thank you.

Secondly, I am doing a complete redo of my clothing inventory. Mostly brought on by the hours spent looking for just the right color for Luna’s challenge. I used to just sort by color. Now I’m doing it first by length, then by color, then by shade. And making a folder for pants outfits and separates. Which I’m going to try getting more of. I usually just toss on a gown and Go. But HEY, mixing and matching tops and bottoms is fun as well!

Re-organizing my inventory is something I’ve been wanting to do for a while. Some of my clothing folders are HUGE, *coughcoughpinkandpurplecoughcough* so its hard to find the outfit I want. One day I’ll sort the “objects” folder, but OYE that’s going to harder as I have to rez stuff.

But clothing is a start! I’m also deleting outfits that are just..BAD.

Thirdly, I have been drooling over these photos. I really want to learn to both style and pose myself like this and take photos like this as well. I guess I’d have to delve more into post processing then I do though. But first the in world stuff, as the photo stuff also needs my comp to get an upgrade so I can use shadows!

I’ve looked into a few modeling schools, but I am leery of them. Due to the whole, HEY I’m a fur, thing. Someone today did point me to some classes that might be what I am looking for. So we’ll see.

Fourthly, Adar will not be joining me in this weeks color challenge. Men’s clothing choices rather SUCK and finding anything in a super almost white shade of blue that would look good on him. Proved to be impossible. So hopefully next weeks color will work out for him to join me in the shoot.,

And lastly, Renaissance faire season is starting. Academy classes for OKRF are gearing up, every other weekend. So some 52 weeks posts will be a day or so later then usual till around mid June. I will NOT be giving up on them! Part of the challenge is to get it done no matter what else right? So..yes, still doing them even as my life gets a bit more busy.

And that’s all. I have a disappearing Sim post to make later and then FINDING the sim for this weeks challenge to do still.