Oh silly me..

I forgot about this..

Kouse started a new jewelry store called Krystal Jewelry and had a photo contest to celebrate the opening. The grand prize was a complete jewelry set inspired by the winner and all of the jewelery ever made for the store.

I came in third with this photo

Krystal Jewelry contest Entry Softpaw Sommer

And won a gift certificate and one piece of jewelry will be inspired by/named for me. I asked for glasses in her style, and if she’s not ok with that a necklace or tiara themed to the flower Columbine. It’s my FAVORITE flower and there is so little columbine stuff in world.

Can’t wait to see what she creates! Not just for me but for all the winners. It will be fascinating to see what other come up with for her to make.

Fourth Rez day!

Part one at least

Oh and it was Wednesday for the record, not today.

part two comes whenever Ambrose gets someplace with an internet connection and can give me this year’s cake. I cannot WAIT to see what he did with my idea of Butterflies and jewels.

For part one I bought myself a present of the most princessy over the top stunning gown I could find, Poem By Fellini Couture. And an amazing jewelry set by a new to me jewelry maker Zuri Rayna called Only You Rose Elite. And I am not in world ATM so I can’t grab slurls for either of them.

But holy crap I felt so PRETTY in them. I have my eye on a few other sets by Zuri. And honestly a few gowns by Joy, but her gowns are just so over the top amazing I don’t buy them often. Just for special occasions.

Decked out in my finery and a favorite hairstyle I set out to find a castle for my fairy princess self. I wanted something sparkly and shiny and new looking. destination guide was no help there 😛 At least with the castle section

So I settled for a photo session on my land and this was the results. A cropped version is my new profile photo if you search for me inworld.

Click to see bigger

But later I found the listing for the Rose Theater, and it fit the bill. That theater btw..is HUGE and I need to go back and explore it when I am in a less primmy outfit.

Click to see bigger

Sadly a LOT of shots I took got lost. Why? The new photo taking window in Firestorm. Which is what the official SL viewer uses as well. I HATE it. It doesn’t close when a photo is taken and sometimes gives me false messages that the photo got saved. I switched to using ctrl ` which gives me photos twice as large as I usually take. But it still doesn’t always save properly. I am so frustrated with this! I want the old system firestorm used back!

I could go back to using Phoenix, Which has the better photo system. but I switched to firestorm as I didn’t want to be stuck going WTF am I doing with this whenever Linden pulls the plug on V-1 type viewers. Plus Firestorm’s multi alpha layers has allowed me to wear some outfits that call for alpha with OUT me having to make new ones just for that outfit due to my legs.

If anyone has any suggestions I’d be very open to them!

Enough of whining. I also picked up a new more casual outfit, and I totally don’t remember who made it. I plan to wear it in the shoot with my cake but did take a photo of it before that in a skybox. I’ll look up the credits then 😛 So enjoy a last pretty!

Click to see bigger

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 13

Week Thirteen:

Tea Green

Click for bigger

Outfit – !~SSF~! Verona’s Vampire Gown SLURL
Hair .:EMO-tions:. * Symphonia * SLURL
Pose F*cking Ninjas’ Toreador Pose (Boxed) SLURL
Sim – Progeny: Vampire Castle and Grounds SLURL

So while going through my light greens for this week. I found that one of the OTHER vampire dresses from Van Helsing I own fit the bill. I have all three of the brides outfits and wore one already for last year’s Goldenrod. Suki of Suki’s Silken Fashions did a wonderful job recreating them. Though I just noticed on the marketplace she’s updated them. For example the version I have doesn’t have the neck thing while the revised one does. Either that or I tossed it ages ago for some reason or another.

If you’ve never seen Van Helsing here is a photo of the Brides

And now I rather want a pink to come up that fits for the last one just so I can complete the set!

Since I was all decked out in a Vampire gown. I decided to go searching for a simple vampire sim to explore. TO THE DESTINATION GUIDE!! I ended up choosing Progeny: Vampire Castle and Grounds

I can’t say much …well anything really, about any role play that goes on there. The entire time I was there only a handful of people showed up and never near me.

The build however is stunning and complex, with many levels to explore. Starting at the skybox entry area, which gives rules and such for the sim.

Click to see bigger

You take a boat tp down to the ground and wow, the setting is amazing. The sim makes excellent use of windlight settings to give you a dark foggy creepy sim to play in. I switched to midday a few times just to show the contrast with and without the windlight.

There are several separate areas to explore, the castle, a rundown village, a grave yard and a stone circle. I went to them all but didn’t thoroughly explore the castle. I THINK it may even have an underground catacomb area.

Click to see bigger

I think the sim uses a specific to it bite/attack system. Which is NOT blood..whatever it is that is the super annoying one. But like I said, I saw no one I could talk to about it. But if you’re interested go take a look and learn more yourself! Vampire Rp is not my thing so I didn’t do more digging. I just enjoyed the amazing build.

I had fun with the pose for this week. Turlock WANTED me to pop him in the background someplace, as it’s a green color. but eh..if I’m going to have a friend make an appearance like that, they will be part of the main photo. And lemme tell you I could NOT find a vampire biting pose that did not look sexual. And sexual and Turlock..is just a no. So hopefully the next green will work out for him to make an appearance.

I went with a pose of me holding a goblet then played with the hud for my avatar to look vampirey. The below shot has a with and without the angry kitty look taken that you can see when you view all my photos from the area.

Click to see bigger

Next color is going to be fun. I have a ton of that shade. Want to find a fun place to explore to contrast the gloom of this sim as well! Now to figure out what to wear and where to go tomorrow. It’s my 4th Rez day!

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 12

Week Twelve:

St. Patrick’s Blue

Click for bigger

Outfit – *ATOI Blue Tartan Dress SLURL
Jewelry Needful Necessities Cameo on Ribbon 2 SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Carlie SLURL
Pose [impEle] Winged Poses (Marketplace only)
Sim – Blarney Castle – O’Hare’s Gap SLURL

So with this color, Luna challenged us to research it, which I did. And what I learned was interesting. While everyone, at least in the states, associated Ireland with GREEN., Blue is the original color for Ireland. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/St._Patrick%27s_blue has more info if you’re interested.

Learning that I wanted an outfit that represented Ireland a bit, and A touch of Ireland held true. The right shade of blue is in that tartan someplace. *grins* I also hoped to find a nice Real life in Secondlife place and found the Perfect spot

Blarney Castle! Home of the famous Blarney Stone.

Click to see bigger

If you don’t know what the Blarney Stone is, it’s a rock, that according to legend if you kiss it you get the gift of Gab..AKA smooth talking and eloquence. To Wikipedia for more info if your interested! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blarney_stone

This SL recreation looks rather faithfull and even includes an animation to kiss the stone. Which to do that you have to have someone hold your legs while you dangle high in the air and kiss it upside down at the top of the castle.

Click to see bigger

The sim the stone is at is a rather lovely Irish town. I just didn’t feel like exploring all of it. but if you go and want to have at it!

Click to see bigger

There are other Irish places in Sl, but I felt like the Stone would be the most fun.

http://softpaw.org/LJimages/SL/blarney/index.html for all my photos from the Castle.

Now to finish inventory cleaning and find an outfit in next week’s color of tea green.

Happy Two days late St Patrick’s day!

I had this all set to post, all Adar had to do was post it. But while I was gone we had a brown out that lasted JUST long enough to shut off my computer, and thus lost the HTML and instructions for him to post it.

So you get it a couple days late while I type up the next 52 weeks color post.

It’s Time…To start Relay for Life

As I HOPE everyone that reads this is aware, This past weekend was the start of fund raising season Relay for Life of Secondlife. Which I am involved in. This year I am getting involved from, well honestly BEFORE the official start even. To many folk close to me of late have been directly affected by Cancer or indirectly affected.

My father In law had Prostate cancer
My Best friends dad now has prostate cancer
The DAY before The official start I learned one of my uncles has it.
I lost an Aunt to Pancreatic cancer
This past January my corner of the Ren Faire Community was rocked by the loss of a Gentle Rouge to Brain cancer.

And really I could go on..and on..But those are the big ones.

So I decided it was way beyond time to get more involved. Well as more involved as my schedule will LET me. Since so much happens on weekends during the run of OKRF.

BUT it’s not running now and The starting ceremonies where on an off weekend for Academes so I went! Watched, listened, Cried. And started my 5 a week donation pledge drive I’m doing.

Click to see bigger

Considering the UBER LAG I am so pleased with this photo. Me, Fuzzball and Genie representing Steelhead.

Saturday night was the first Relay event for Steelhead and I went to that as well. All decked out in my new outfit I picked up at the first HUGE Relay event Fashion for Life.

It’s one of the few none Purple items I picked up, It’s got everything including the hair! Which I tinted red as it comes brown. That took FOREVER. It’s by Emo-tions and is available only at Dreamseaker It’s Time *slurl*

All photos of the opening ceremony, Start of Relay sims and Steelheads first Relay event.,

Except for a few grab and runs at stores I knew had stuff I wanted I waited a couple days to go explore the Fashion for Life Sims. Such amazing builds!! And so many wonderful wonderful items to buy!!

I took lots of photos of the sims that you can see here

My only grip is I couldn’t find ANYTHING for Adar in a RFL vendor. Saw some stuff NOT in the vendors but He wanted something from a vendor. He wanted something less formal then a suit but not urban grunge, PLUS his skin color is tricky to get stuff for. Out of luck in that department. We need up getting him a suit from SF Designs that had a matching gown for me to pick up. You can get them at Dreamseaker Epoque *slurl*

Click to see bigger

A complete list of Fashion for Life vendors and SLURLS to each sim is at this link

And while there are many MANY places to donate inworld if you want to donate to my none SL meter you can do so by clicking the following

I honestly don’t care if you donate to my meter or not…just DONATE!! As much as you can! If its easier to do so in the small amounts inwolrd then do that!

Together we can find a cure!