So Long, Faire well.

While Fantasy Faire will be going strong till Sunday night. I won’t be able to be at it. I’ll be far away from my computer and internet access, and WAY too busy to even THINK about logging on anyway. At my own Faire in Oklahoma. I MIGHT be able to catch the last couple hours Sunday night, but it’s going to depend on how dead I am when I get home. It’s a three hour drive from where I live to the Castle In Muskogee!

So now is the time to post a wrap up for me. I’ve picked out six outfits to show off and some fun highlights to show off. And I’ve figured out how to cut a blogger post so HEY at least the photo spam won’t be super bad! Unless you get the direct link to this post. I have no idea how to hide part of a post in wordpress, sorry wordpress followers!

We’ll start with showing off the goodies. WHICH since you have the weekend still you can go GET YOURSELF!!! All but two of them are Relay Exclusive items. At RFL events I do try to just buy items in the Kiosks, but sometimes there is something that is just too perfect I have to get it. HEY supporting the creators as well as Relay for Life is important!

I chose to narrow down the items I’m showing off to six, but I did pick up more, as well as none clothing items. But I felt six was a good number to show off. And some photos have more than one item in them anyway! I forgot to write down the pose and hair I used in the shots, so I’m just listing the clothing.

Click to see bigger*Evie’s Closet* Lenka – Juniper The TidesTrident Rose Heart Necklace [Silver/Amethyst] Shadow’s Claw

Photo taken in Shifting Sands

This is one of the none event exclusive gowns. Kinda. Evie does have a Relay version of this dress, but I liked the Juniper color better than the Relay color so picked it up instead. She also has another gown and a petite outfit up in her store on the Tides.

The necklace however IS an event exclusive from Trident on Shadow’s claw.

Click to see bigger

*+.RP.+* SeaRose_Sakuramochi

:+:SS:+: Mermaid Pearl Diving prop

Both stores and the photo are on Siren’s Secret

Now this pose I DO know who made it, as it’s one of Faery’s relay offerings for Studio Sidhe! I also searched for a while to find a pink mertail to wear in the photo. This one is a relay offering by CelestialRay. And you can pick it up in a number of shades.

Click to see bigger

Nomine Jailbait Catherine Dress – RLF purple on Devil’s Locket
Photo taken at Shadow’s Claw

Click to see bigger!Simply Fae! Dart Frog Fairy outfit Purple on Jungle Bungle:+:SS:+: Not Quite Cupid on Siren’s Secret

Photo taken at on Jungle Bungle

This is the other none event exclusive gown. Though Simply Fae does have a longer version of it in a Kiosk. Which I also picked up, I just liked the shorter one better.

The pose is Faery’s other relay offering, A Pose for a biggie and a Petite avatar. And my lovely Petite model is Skye McLeod, Who was kind enough to answer the call from a stranger needing a petite for a photo shoot. I did have to adjust her placement on my shoulder as otherwise my muzzle was in her belly and that looked weird. Ahh the funs of being a fur!

Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger

Grim Bros. Patchwork Princess gown on Meandervale

!! MOONSTRUCK !! Spring Song 1 Light brown tinted red on Meandervale

Photo taken at Meandervale

Yeah had to tint a the hair, Moonstruck does not make my shade of red 😛 But the hair was pretty so I picked it up anyway.

Click to see bigger

FallnSanakaDressFFExclusive on The Ruins of Nu Orne

Photo taken at The Ruins of Nu Orne

And that’s the end of my fashion show 😛

Now for some babbling. Then a few more photos. Then more babbling!

This was the first year I have really been into Fantasy faire. In previous years it was more stealthy like, mostly due to lag. watch blogs for what I wanted, find out if favorite stores had shops, get in grab stuff, look around a bit and get out!

This year, as a blogger for the faire, It was just different. And I am sure that it is because I got to be an official blogger. And not because I got to go in early and got some free stuff. It’s the people I met. The backstage group is just BURSTING with many talent wonderful people that work HARD to make this a fun event. Hats off to them all. They made me feel welcomed into their fold. And that made the event so amazing for me.

They are passionate about the cause, and working with people that are as passionate, if not more so, about something you care about makes for an fantastic time. Watching the total donations for the event go up, hearing stories. It just can bring tears to your eyes. Thank you all. Especially Ember, Dagmar and the Toymaker.

Now for the Fun Photos!! I’ll pick a few out and you can see the rest of them at this link. And if you want to know what’s going on in a photo I Don’t highlight, ask 😛 LEAVE COMMENTS I LOVES THEM!! I just wish I had taken more photos. Or at the very least remembered to move the fun photos out of the sim shoot photos 😛

And gosh darn it, I’m HORRIBLE with names. And forgot to write stuff down so I could remember them. Id yourself if you want to please!

Click to see bigger

Yes, that’s a dino wearing a set of Vaengi wings!

Click to see bigger

And here she is, the teased about giantess! Told you she was huge!

Click to see bigger

…crap..I just had a total mind fart on what the name of the band is..

Click to see bigger

Party in the sands!

Click to see bigger

A chatbot named Hal I found in the bottom of Sirens. He was amusing for a while. Then Ember booted him due to a high script count.

Click to see bigger

Those two trees in the front? PEOPLE!!

And now the last photo. Which is an interactive art installation in Nu Orne. You can get more information on how you can participate at this link.

Click to see bigger

I have a boat already floating on it. Go see if you can find it.

And..that is my last post for Fantasy faire. Now to go get ready to run off to a Renaissance faire in Oklahoma.

And hey, if you have the time and feel like it, I’ll be there EVERY weekend starting this weekend going till Memorial day. The Castle in Muskogee, Oklahoma! Come find me in the Fairy Glen! I’m the pink fairy one with the cat tail.

Meandervale A fantasy Faire Sim

And so we’re now at the last of the Fantasy Faire Sims. The peaceful and whimsical Meandervale.

Shop list and map of Meandervale

SLURL to Meandervale

Meandervale is designed and sponsored by Marcus Inkpen and Sharni Azalee of the Looking Glass

Click to see bigger

Last year Marcus and Sharni did a build for Fantasy fairy that was very dark. This year they wanted to do something lighter, and a bit surreal. Inspired by a painting of Windmills with butterfly wings, They took that idea and built the sim around it. I’m going to assume the painting is this one by Kush, at the time of talking to me Marcus could not remember the artist.

The giant fruit laying about was just a bit of a fun thing to add, and make it a little more well, surreal!

Now that that is known. I just have to say this.

I Freaking LOVE the windmills!! If I had a spot for one I would SO want one! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

Click to see bigger

The windmills are scattered about wide fields of grass with streams that well, meander, among them. Scattered about re giant fruit, light bulb plants and huge sunflowers.

There is also a rocking Horse Ranch. Which I also adore, and I DID pick up the horses! *squee* I’d love a real world version of them in fact!

Click to see bigger

There’s a number of items scattered about you can pose with. Not just the rocking horses.

Drifting in one of the streams is a butterfly tree boat, which is one of the designers relay items you can pick up at their store. Quite peaceful. I love how they actually rock on the water.

Click to see bigger

The sim sponsor and designers store is the same and of course is at the Landing point. Their main store is at this location

I’ve got a few more photos of the sim at this link.

Click to see bigger

I’ve got one more post to make before I head off to perform at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival In Muskogee. One showing off some of the Relay items I picked up and talking about the fun things that happened! I’ll make that after I get some sleep before I head out.


The Tides – A Fantasy Faire Sim

The Tides is a stunning Greco-Roman sim very reminiscent of Atlantis.

Shop list and map of The Tides

SLURL to The Tides

The Tides is both sponsored by and Created by Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc.

Click to see bigger

When I asked Alia about his inspiration and any story behind the sim he gave me a note card with a lot of background on it. The basic idea is there used to be two races living there. Races at odds with one another, one of the sky one of the sea. There is more to it, and I don’t know how you’re to find out yourself but it’s a lovely story! Maybe it will end up on the website

The build itself is stunning in its simplicity, shining white towers and bridges rising up out of the sea on the backs of marble titans.

Click to see bigger

It’s become one of the most popular sims of the Faire, in part I believe due to a visitor that has been calling it home. A giantess, who you will see in the l last post on the faire I make. She’s AMAZING. Towering higher than the build itself! While standing in the water. And yes I am teasing you by telling and not showing!

She hangs around the landing point, which is ringed by some fabulous “bronze” statues.

Click to see bigger

My next photo is a bit of a funny. On Friday when the bloggers where getting their sneak peak not all the store owners where ready. Alia just had a parrot in his at that time. I told him I’d take a photo of it and blog it. is his fabulous parrot!

Click to see bigger

I found it after he got his store set up. I’m not even sure if he’ll remember I said I’d be sure to blog it! *giggles*

As I said before Alia is sim creator and Sponsor so his store will be at the landing point.

His main shop in world is at this location

And you can see all the photos I took of this sim here Including a few more shots of the Parrot!!

Click to see bigger

Booshies at Fantasy Faire

Booshies is a brand new creator in Secondlife, debuting at the Faire. They are to be a new type of breedable pet on the grid. From what I have seen and learned of them, they WILL change the face of breedables in major ways. PLUS they are to DIE for cute!

Booshies is the sim sponsor of Siren’s Secret and their store is at the landing point.

Click to see bigger

Booshies isn’t just one critter with different coats, it’s a NUMBER of different critters with different aspects. And honestly there is a TON of information about them, so much I can’t really cover it all. But I will sum up. And link to where you can learn more!

This is the blurb about them from their Webpage

So… what are “Booshies”?

Booshies are fantastic, elemental creatures that roam the world of Booshtopia before finding you, their human friend who can help them reach their full potential.

With new species popping up all the time, a myriad of colorful story characters to find and interact with, challenges to face and rewards to earn, you’ll never run out of things to do with Booshies!

When booshies are at last released into the wilds of Secondlife, you’ll be able to breed them, battle them, play with them, and explore Booshtopia. What all that entails exactly, I’m really not sure about yet. But from what I saw at the faire and have read it looks and sounds VERY exciting!

They have a FAQ up on their blog of questions that have arisen since faire has started. Right now you can’t buy and then go and play with a Booshie, you buy a voucher for when they are released. Buying one NOW give you a special Fantasy Faire only Booshie to obtain. There is also a special faire only price.

HOWEVER, they do have something other than a voucher to buy, and that is what is in their RFL kiosk, for a donation of 250L. What can you buy? A Booshitar! Which is an avatar of one of four booshies! And I am surprised the entire WORLD did not hear my squeal when I unpacked mine and saw how adorable they are!

Here they are for your viewing pleasure! I took each Booshie to a Sim in Fantasy faire that I felt matched what its natural Habitat would be and photographed it there.

First Up! The Urpy! Which looks kind alike a cross between a beaver, squirrel and platypus. I took it to Shadow’s Claw.

Click to see bigger

Next is the Pendle, which is a bird seal critter. Very cute. I took it to Siren’s Secret of course!

Click to see bigger

Thirdly we have the Girecko, which is an adorable lil dinosaur like critter.

Click to see bigger

And lastly, we have my favorite of the four, the Equylon, which is a lil pony like critter

Click to see bigger

I don’t know how modifiable these lil guys are, but I DID slap some Vaengi wings onto the Equylon and went prancing around the sims like that for a while.

As the Booshies are still in development, they don’t have a main store you can access yet, from what I was told anyway. So if you want in on these early get your tail to Fantasy faire ASAP!!

You can see more tempting photos of the shop at the faire to whet your taste for these in my photos here.

They also have a facebook, Flickr and Plurk. As well as an in world group you can join, Search for Booshies!

Both the Flickr and the Facebook have sneaky peaks at some of the OTHER Booshies that will be available, including the incredibly adorable and I WANT ONE SO BAD Felitera

So like I said..GET YOUR TAIL TO FANTASY FAIRE AND PICK UP A VOUCHER!! I’ve got mine already!

Siren’s Secret – A Fantasy Faire Sim.

Time to slip into your fins and dive on into the magical mer themed sim of the faire!

Shop list and map of Siren’s Secret

SLURL to Siren’s Secret

Siren’s Secret is the second sim created by Elicio Ember for Fantasy Faire and it is Sponsored by Booshies.

Click to see bigger

Not sure how well it is known, but I am a such a sucker for a beautiful underwater sim. And by gum Siren’s is a STUNNING underwater sim. Elicio managed to produce not just ONE but two amazing sims for the faire this year. His inspiration for Sirens was European architecture with a bit of a twist for the buildings. And the underwater was meant to be a primitive and a bit alien looking.

The buildings are these wonderfully twisty looking things. And the road is a bit under water, so like I said, pull out your fins, or your hip waders!! And while the shops are stunning enough on their own, the sim really shines once you get under water.

Click to see bigger

Giant clams, coral reefs, sunken ships, ruins, underwater vents, there is just SO much to swim around and explore under the water. I’ve spent hours under it and I keep finding new little hidden things. Just like in Nu Orne, which is by the same designer.

There’s even an hidden statue of Cthulu! See if you can find him!

Click to see bigger

Like Nu Orne, Siren’s also has a light house, which is also up for auction. It holds the same crystal beacon thingamabob, but its house is completely different

Click to see bigger

I am enjoying just being a cat fish about the sim, pulled out one of my mer dances and I’m currently dancing with the sharks.

As I said before Elico is not a sim sponsor, However his store is on this sim at this spot
And his main store of Cerridwen’s Cauldron is at this location

The sim Sponsor is Booshies, a new type of breedable pet. They don’t have a public store yet. They are also my last creator so I will be giving more information on them in my next post. You can get to their store on the sim at the landing point.

Click to see bigger

You can see all my photos of Siren’s Secret at this link

Devil’s Locket – A Fantasy Faire Sim.

Devil’s locket is an awesome steampunky sim with a bit of a tropical desert touch to it!

Shop list and map of Devil’s Locket

SLURL to Shifting Sands

Devil’s Locket is created by Lauren Thibaud and sponsored by Rustica

Click to see bigger

Lauren has told me that Devil’s Locket is a desert Steampunk sim, The underwater mine in it was abandoned when it was discovered that the fire gems are unstable. After finding that out the residents left it leaving the village to fall into disrepair, but after many years others came.  Bringing with them the power of STEAM!! They rebuilt the buildings, adding their own touches to them, mimicking the original design in copper steam pipes. The newcomers don’t know what to make of the fire gems, why do they become unstable? What do do with them!? Time will tell!

From the active volcanoes on the edge, to the ruins and traps in the depths of its water. Devils locket is full of secrets its just not telling. But if you work at it maybe you can discover some of them!

The middle of the sim is a large lagoon, that has many items left behind in it. Items left behind by the former mining operations. So if you go exploring be wary! Not only of the abandoned mines, but there is a shark as well! Which I never could get a photo of..

Click to see bigger

Ringing the lagoon is the stores, in ..I think Moroccan style buildings. The best thing I found was this HUGE steampunky elephant on the landing point. Which is up for auction, or so I have been told. I loved the thing on first sight. It’s just so fantastic.

Click to see bigger

The designer Lauren Thibaud does not seem to have a store in Fantasy Faire, that I could find. But her Main store is called Lauren at the Landing and is at this location

The sim is sponsored by Rustica, and their fantasy faire store is of course at the landing point. And their main store is at this location


Click to see bigger

You can see more of my photos of Devil’s locket at this page

Oran at Fantasy Faire

I got to have a lovely talk with the owner of Oran, on the first day of the faire. And learned that while she does have two lovely items up for sale in relay Kiosks, what she is really wanting to promote is her sims and “way of Sl Living” which I’ll get more into after showing off her wares!

Click to see bigger

SLURL to her store on the Devil’s Locket Sim of Fantasy film. SLURL

She gave me two items to blog, and I have to admit I took kinda sucky photos of them. I wasn’t fully sure how else to shoot them so I just did sky platform shoots. Please forgive!

The first item is an armchair, with several animations in it. With a click it will also give you a folder with a book, newspaper and a cup, all of which you can wear with the matching animation in the chair..

Click to see bigger

It also comes with the matching food stool. Quite cozy and I love the texture on it.

The other item is a fantastic Pirate Bar!

Click to see bigger

The stools all have sitting animations in it and the bar itself has a barkeep animation. IF you click on the barrel you get a drinks list, with a huge variety of drinks. And the bottle of rum give well, rum.

The texture work on this is so detailed. Even behind the bar has bottles! Oh and I float as I have a kinda short by SL standards.

Click to see bigger

Her main store is located at this spot

Now onto what she told me she was really trying to promote.

A fighting /sailing lifestyle, She feels that a lot of folk don’t get past the clubs and shopping phase and wants to let them know there is FAR more out there! And her favorite thing to do is live a pirate lifestyle in Secondlife. If you stop by her shop in Fantasy Faire you can pick up a wealth of information and landmarks of pirate sims to go visit. As well as a few free pirate outfits to get you started towards a life of RUM!

The main sims she’s promoting is Oceans realm a grouping of pirating and sailing sims. If your interested make sure you go check them out. And I am sure you can ask Inish Karu for more information if you need it!

Shifting Sands – A Fantasy Faire Sim.

I’ve had sleep so now it’s time for another post! This time, The wonderfully magical sim of Shifting Sands

Shop list and map of Shifting Sands

SLURL to Shifting Sands

Shifting Sands is created by Kayle Black and sponsored by Solarium

Click to see bigger

I asked Kayle about the story behind Sands and he told me what it is. The Hourglass that holds the sands of time has broken, turning a green tundra into a desert in a flash. The newly formed desert became a hotspot for black-market traders and archaeologists, since due to the sands, treasure and ruins appear from time to time. They came to learn, or to steal and sell the relics and items that show up. They built a bazaar around one of the excavation sights, made sure there was water, and decided to raise funds to cure cancer as a side job!

He told me something else about the sim, but I’m not sure I should revile that myself! But it’s about the scene below..

Click to see bigger

This sim is another of those that has delightful moving bits. Loads of animated pouring sand. And the wind light setting that Kayle used makes you almost able to feel the heat of the place, and the abrasive wind on your face.

One thing I really like about the sim, heck they managed this with all the sims in fact, is that the edges between the sims are not hard dividing lines but blend into one another as gently as possible.

Click to see bigger

And I have a small confession to make, ever since I stepped foot into this sim, I wanted to find a sand castle animation, plop it and myself down and build a castle. The search for that made me realize that there is a lack of decent sand castle animations out there. That are meant for adults anyway. But I did find one and YES I plopped my rump down and built it

Click to see bigger

Kayle Black is the genius behind the Garden of Dreams, and he declined to have a store in Fantasy faire this year. But you can go to his amazing sim at SLURL to check out more of her work. I explored this sim for fall last year and you can see that post here

The sim is sponsored by Solarium, who make a fine line of magic and sci Fi Huds. including a full set of Every Lantern Corps Power ring out there! For those NOT in the know about the Lantern Corps, it’s a DC comics thing dealing with the Green Lantern Corps, plus all the other colors of the spectrum AND black and white! You can get to their Fantasy faire store at the landing point to the sim and their main store is at this location

You can see more of my photos of Shifting Sands at this page

Ruins of Nu Orne – A Fantasy Faire Sim.

Posts are going to be a few more a day then I had been doing. I am behind the schedule I gave myself to do these posts in so I have to post more per day then planned. This is due to my wonderful husband Adar constantly pulling me into the Living room to “watch this episode with me” of the show he’s watching on Netflix. Also the mirage that knocked me out for most of Tuesday afternoon did not help either.

Ah well, I am enjoying the HECK outta Fantasy Faire, More so then I have in years past. I put that solely on being more involved this year than previous years. I am making new friends, picking up some new pretties and most importantly, raising funds for a cause I believe in and support a lot.

The sim I bring to you in this post is The Ruins of Nu Orne. A stunning jungle ruins with many secrets to find by exploring it.

Shop list and map of The Ruins of Nu Orne

SLURL to The Ruins of Nu Orne

The Nu Orne is created by Elicio Ember, and the sim Sponsor is Arcanum .

Click to see bigger

The sim itself is a wonderful fantasy jungle, Lush with strange vegetation that glows and floats. And hidden secrets to find. I asked Elicio what inspired the design of the sim and he told me the buildings are based on a Cambodian/Balinese buildings with strong influence of the city of Ankor-Wat in Cambodia. The jungle is fantasy inspired from many sources, and the name of the sim is Tolkien’s elvish for Under Tree.

Put it all togehter and you get a sim with breath taking views. As I am writing this post I am perched up on top of the light house on the sim looking out over it..and the below picture is the view I get..

Click to see bigger

Breath taking ! Just Breath taking. The light house itself is something to see, and can be won at the silent auctions over on The Fairelands Junction .

I love the vegetation he “grew” for this build. Granted I am a sucker for the giant mushrooms, but also the glowy flowers are amazing! Some of the rotate colors! And everything is so lush and thick, it makes me want to go grab Adar and let him explore just for the amusement of seeing my Indianan Jones Dragon in a fitting setting!

Speaking of dragons, there is one hiding in the jungle. See if you can find it! I didn’t till I saw a photo of it on someone else’s blog about the Ruins. And I would be completely not surprised to learn that there are more secrets hidden in the ruins that I have not found yet.

Click to see bigger

As Elicio is not the sim sponsor his store is not right at the landing point. However his store is on this sim at this spot
And his main store of Cerridwen’s Cauldron is at this location

The Sim Sponsor is The Arcanum, maker of fantasy magic huds. Of which I own a few I believe. Their sim store is of course at the landing point and their main store is here

Click to see bigger

You can see more of my photos of The Ruins of Nu Orne at this page

The Fairelands Saga

Click to see bigger

A hunt has started today in the Fantasy Faire. It’s a relatively simple hunt but fun. Mad Peas created a Hud for the faire, which you can buy for a donation of 100 at the following locations :

Fairelands Junction Gateway Portal
Fairelands Junction Library
Devil’s Locket Arrival Point
Jungle Bungle Arrival Point
Meandervale Arrival Point
Shadow’s Claw Arrival Point

Put the hud on, I had to adjust mine some. You’ll get a riddle and off to a sim you’ll go! The riddles are also on this page, along with more information than I am giving you.

You’re looking for broken shards of a mirror Solve the riddle, find the shard and click it. It appears on your hud. This then allows you to click books in various stores on each sim and get a prizes. Make sure you click at LEAST one book per sim. Otherwise when you have all the shards and travel to the Library for the grand prize it won’t work. I found that out the hard way!

Click to see bigger

It’s a fun way to explore the sims a bit better and that 100L goes right to Relay for life! There is one shard per sim, but the amount of books varies according to which sellers have them out. On the page I linked to above there are links to pages showing who on each sim has a book out.

So go have a fun hunt!! *shoos towards a hunt vendor * go..get!!