Another 52 weeks of color – Week 19

Week Nineteen:


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Outfit *EC* Chrysalis Gown SLURL
Jewelry 9V+ Paper CrownSLURL
Hair.b – check mate SLURL
Pose Thriller – olive juice
Sim Wild Things SLURL

So the first of my catch up posts.

This was a cute place to visit, it told you the story of Where the Wild things are as you went through it, You WHERE Max! You started at a windmill and took an everywhere door to the story.

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It takes you to Max’s room, which turns into a jungle, then getting on the bed you get taken up to an island with a boat that then takes you to Wild Things Island.

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There are not many Wild things, but they all look VERY much like in the books. I was impressed. Three of them are Botted Alts that move and dance about when you reach them. For the Wild Rumpus of course.

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My only disappointment in this, is you don’t get a Max crown and Scepter, or if you do I couldn’t find them. Otherwise it is VERY well executed! I Totally enjoyed myself.

In a Sad bit of Irony, if I had not lost internet, this post would have been made a day before the book’s author and illustrator, Maurice Sendak, passed on from a stroke at the age of 83.

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 18

Week Eighteen:


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Outfit top :::Sn@tch No Mistake tinted THAT’S RIGHT I TOTALLY CHEATED ON THIS COLOR!!
pants :::Sn@tch Shiny Shiny (Silver-) SLURL
Jewelry Southpaw Amethyst & Stones
Southpaw Rose Gauntlets – PurpleSLURL
Hair.b – check mate SLURL
Pose Olive Juice- Coquette Pose Pack
Sim Jungle Bungle at Fantasy Faire

Yes all, I totally and completely cheated on the is color. I could FIND NOTHING!!! So on went a tint to a white top from Sn@tch! I think it turned out rather nicely myself.

I also used a fantasy faire sim for the photo as I didn’t get a change to do the color photo shoot BEFORE leaving for Oklahoma and this week is a short one for me to be home so I wanted to get it done then work on next week’s color.

The necklace and arm vines are from a gift card the lovely Phedre Rossini gave me. We sat in the FF Faireland Junction to help guide newcomers for a bit. Got to chatting about things, such as how her store name Southpaw is THE most common misspelling of my name so that gave us both a good giggle. She asked that I blog items I picked, so here are two of them!! And really, her stuff is fantastic, She’s got, among other things, jewelry, Elven ears, Spellfire equipped wands and quite a few items for petites, So go take a look!

The lovely multi tiered necklace comes with a bracelet but I chose not to wear it as she has these fabulous rose arm gauntlets. I LLOOVEE rose viney jewelry type things so jumped RIGHT onto the fatpack of those! They come in three other color choices. And for the Rper’s it’s also a spellfire healing wand.