Another 52 weeks of color – Week 31

Week Thirty One:


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Outfit .:MALT:. Fashions – Allyn Shirt tinted SLURL
Apricot Paws – meshDigi Pants – White tinted SLURL
HairExile Sakura SLURL
Pose aDORKable Poses: Playful Leo for the Zodiac event SLURL
Sim“Leonardo’s Machines” by Sniper Siemens –SLURL

This color was a PAIN to find. In the end I gave up and tinted stuff. I really like the effect I got with the sheer parts of the top. As this was another Green Turlock wanted to join in the fun. And this time he stuck around the sim and checked it out with me!

I chose an art installation for this color. Sniper Siemens, has painstakingly recreated many of Da Vinci’s machines in world for you to see. Some have moving parts others don’t. And there are notecard for each machine. That..I did not take the time to collect and read because I am the lazy.

But all of them are fascinating in their complexity and detail. Plus the sim they are on is stunning.

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The water is barely over my feet so don’t worry about stepping out into it. The sunset behind them is amazing.

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I did not go on land to check that out. Should have, but I wanted this to focus mostly on the machines.

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You can see all my photos here

And I am now going to be obnoxious and subject you all to a photo of my new fur baby we got Friday from a local shelter.

Her name is Isis, and she’s four months old. She’s so fricking adorable!

Why yes I am a proud new kitty mama!

Cleek here to see more photos of her!!

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 30

Week Thirty:

Aqua Island

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Outfit Elven Dreams Aurora in bagt SLURL
Hair.!!Calico Creations!! Epona SLURL
Pose (*chanimations luckyChair – “SingBird” SLURL
SimSteelhead Presents “I’m Here to Fix You” – RFL camp build that has been taken down

You can see more shots of Steelheads RFL camp sight at my link here taken before the Relay started last weekend

It was another amazing build, built to honor Caregivers of those that have Cancer. Next year there is talk about the clanks you see being turned into Avatars for sale with the funds going to RFL.

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I had thought about using this post to do my Relay wrap up, but chose not to. Instead I’ll just show off some of my shots from the camp build. If you did not get to see it in world before it was taken down you really missed something special!

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And too those of you out there that are a Caregiver, thank you.

Remembering Relay

Rembering Relay

As I am currently frantically trying to make it through the Relay sims one last time for photos of things I didn’t get to see during the relay itself. I’m pausing in RFL Dedication to remember all the amazing events that happened this season.

What a ride!

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 29

Week Twenty Nine:

Persian Rose

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Outfit CC ~ Pink Tron Suit SLURL
G377 G-Helmet SLURL
[ROSAL] VIRON-M Waist Corset – Black (Mesh)
[ROSAL] VIRON-M Neck Corset – Black (Mesh)
[ROSAL] VIRON-M Thigh Boots – Black *MESH* SLURL
Hair.+DV8+ Pandora Cyberfalls store closed
Pose cyber robot animations v2 (boxed) SLURL
SimTron System Reconfigured rpg SLURL

For this week’s color, which is an incredibly BRIGHT shade of pink, I decided to pick up an outfit I’ve pondered getting but had no good reason to have.

A Tron suit.

I actually pieced it together from various bits as you can see. The effect in world is SPECTACULAR! Because the items by Rosal are animated! The pink lines move up and down and it’s really a sight to see! They are also tintable so if you want them not in pink you can do that. I couldn’t figure out what to do with my tail so I left it out, and I couldn’t find a helmet with ears so got a normal one. Which is also tintable. The ID disc came with the base suit.

I did a search for a Tron sim, I figured there HAD to be at least one, we do call Secondlife the Grid after all! And found Tron System Reconfigured. Which while rather empty is amazing for its detail to the locations of the movie. I had fun exploring.

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It has light cars you can rez in several locations, both just to tool about the streets and in an arena. I had a bit of fun zipping about in one. And YES it leaves the light trail!

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It has several levels that you get to via a teleport system. A few locations I remembered from the second film, and a few are from the first. And one I have no clue about, that had some vendors.

Go to play with the light cycles if nothing else!

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I love this shot so much.

This Link has all the images I took.

Next week’s will likely be just the image, as I’m spending most of this week doing a more in-depth exploration of the RFL sims. There will be a post about this weekend soon as well.


Relay is done for the year! We had a ton of fun and raised a TON of money for Cancer Research. Current Total is $339,661 USD and that’s with a few things left to be paid into it from the event today. Plus they usually still accept donations till the end of July.

We WILL find a cure one day!!

Now to go face-plant into bed…awake over 30 hours now.

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I’ll post more photos and stuff later..TIRED!!

For Pat

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This past January my little part of the Renaissance faire world lost one of its own to Brain Cancer,

He was a Rouge with a heart of gold. Pat Patterson AKA Argon of the Blue Hand. A member of the Rouges Gallery of the Kansas City Renaissance Faire. I knew him via a smaller faire called Whitehart.

As I Relay today my Palms are blue in Pat’s Honor.

I dedicated the majority of my Relay Participation this year to him. But it is also dedicated to my Uncle and Turlock’s’ Dad, both whom had Prostate Cancer surgery this year. And to Adar’s Dad who had it several years ago.

The guys will be joining me on the track later today to do a lap in honor of their Dads and in Pat’s honor.

Still Time to Donate!

Relay is Tomorrow

Thank you to all of those that donated this year! It makes me happy to have people donating to my meter other then me! You have NO idea how much that means to me.

If any of you can spare a bit more the meter is still taking donations

Chomping at the bit to get into the sims today to get an early preview of the sims. I’m to be a guide this year at the start to let all the Survivors and Caregivers, who get the honor of the first lap, when to start walking.

Here is this years track

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That’s 40 sims and a lot of track! They added some turns in other then the corners this year!

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 28

Week Twenty Eight:

Astronaut Blue

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Outfit *MG Princess, Forest Outfit, Snow White, Mirror Mirror SLURL
Hair.:EMO-tions:. * GREECE * SLURL
Pose :+:SS:+: Goddess Moon [Multi-Pose] w/o the moon SLURL
SimThe Gathering of Sky Women SLURL

Ugh..our AC is broken and wont be fixed till tomorrow. The house is currently in the mid 80’s I am hot tired and grumpy so this is gonna be short.

My lovely outfit is a recreation of one of the late Eiko Ishioka‘s fantastic outfits from the Movie Mirror Mirror. Which I have seen and throughly enjoyed. Fun lighthearted silliness it is! This was actually my favorite costume in the movie as well. So I was pleased to find a SL version.

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The sim I went to has an art installation called a Gathering of Sky Women. And while the builds are impressive, I would have loved some note cards taking about the various goddesses shown and what the artist is representing with certain things. Like the giant tower of Tires.

The Destination guide blurb about it reads

This sim-wide art installation features works by six artists: Asmista Duranja, Fuschia Nightfire, Louly Loon, Lilia Artis, Trill Zapetaro and Katz Jupiter. Located in a beautiful surreal setting, six goddesses have descended to a world that has changed significantly since its creation. What would they say?

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You can see all my photos from this location at

And..thats about all I have the energy for, time to go find someplace cool! Thank goodness the Bedroom has a window AC unit!