Another 52 weeks of color – Week 35

Week Thirty Five:


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Outfit The sea Hole- Thriftscore Dress-DarkGreenGrey SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Brandy SLURL
PIDIDDLE – Feather Extensions SLURL
Pose Baffle! [Paper Butterflies.] SLURL
Sim Circo Loon – Origami Editions SLURL

For those that missed the post about my new look, A LINK!

This color had me tearing at my hair when I first saw it and researched it. The color of the German uniforms in both World Wars? I so did not have that and feared it would take forever to find it.

Took less then I thought, saw the dress while looking for something ELSE in the marketplace and jumped on it! It was perfect. Then I saw the location on SLifefantastic and knew where I had to go and it all just came together. The location is stunning and I highly recommend a look. The photos pretty much speak for themselves

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There are a few other things on the sim that I played around with, but really the most interesting thing is the origami instillation.

All of my photos can be seen at this link.

Helping out

I do not, just in general, blog about sales or special events or fund raisers. Really For Life is the one exception, its more then a fund raiser to me. But Something dear to my heart.

I heard about this fund raising event and had to make another exception, due to what its for. And I’m just going to quote the page I found for it.

Starting today and running through Sept 2nd, a fundraising event is being held at the Truth District sim to raise monies for Archibald. “Archie” is the cat of Gospel Voom, creator of Gos. He was hit by a car last Saturday night and miraculously survived and found his way home, but he was in bad shape. He is being treated for his massive head and facial injuries, and as you can imagine, the surgeries and veterinary costs have already been and will continue to be astronomical – into the 5 digits!

Truth District and several talented friends from across the grid have come together in support by volunteering their creations as donations to help pay for these expenses. Most of the items are 100% donation, and the entire Gos store (on the Truth District sim) is 50% off. Anyone that has ever had a pet knows how they are more than just an animal, but are instead a member of the family. If you feel so inclined to help this cause, head on over to Truth District today.

I read that, and thought about how I’d feel if this happened to one of my girls. And I know how hard it is to loose a feline friend, having had to do it four times in the past three years.

I knew I had to promote this, after picking up a few things. The link above shows off everything being offered at this time. But here is what I picked up!

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The Shirt and the pose are from the event

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The pose box is from the event.

So far there are a LOT of pose and pose props up, some clothing and some home items. Go take a look! And if you see nothing you like, there is a donation box up as well.

The new Me

So, since January when Adar switched from his old Luskwood dragon avatar to a mix of two Kinzart Kreetures dragons I’ve been DYING to make a switch to Kinzart as well. I rather like us having avatars that match in the same artistic style, Anthro X, my current Avatar didn’t have a dragon he liked. Problem. Kinzart didn’t have a housecat!

But it was in the works. And was released over the weekend! So once I returned home from a trip to my parents for my mom’s birthday I went and picked up my usual white housecat and prepared to get to tinting!

Slurl to the Kinzart main store.

Problem! The area around the eye, which is the “blinking” part, won’t keep the tint, when the eye blinks it goes back to white! I had the same issue with the recent Luskwood cat update. When I informed Luskwood folk of this it got fixed right away, as it was a script error. Kinzart, are working on it and it may take a while according to them. Which is understandable as they really pushed themselves HARD to get this update out. 52 coat patterns/colors!

So, I decided to try a different coat pattern. Those 52 coats are all real life colors, no wild pink or purple kitties yet. I am hoping that either some moders will put out some pastel colors, or that a second coat release of the “wild” colors will come once the creators have had a bit of a break. As I said they really pushed themselves to get those 52 coats out! They rather deserve a break!

Among the shades that was put out was a creamy tan shade in the various coat patterns. The patterns are Standard Tabby, Mackerel Tabby, Bengal, Marbled, Siamese, Calico, and some others that I can’t remember. I showed Turlock and Adar the various patterns, neither liked either of the tabbies, I was not going calico or Siamese, and we all liked the Bengal and Marbled coats.

I took screen shots of the vendor display so I could hem and haw over the two coats without tying up a vendor. This also allowed me to send them to Ambrose for his thoughts.


In the end, I decided to go with the Marbled! So here is the new me!

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Whenever the tinting bug gets fixed I may switch back to being a single cream color though. But no idea when that will be. And I am VEERRYY tempted to see just how much it would cost me to have a custom skin/prim texture work done to match what my Ren faire characters coloring is, which is pink/purple with vines and columbine flowers on it. Likely an arm and a leg though. Not at all sure how this coat is going to work with my traditional going purple for relay either. Here’s hoping for more wild colors in that case!

I got used to the spots and strips very quickly, it’s the face shape that I am still getting used to. It’s a lot more narrow then either of the past avatars I have worn. I won’t however, be going back to the Anthro x kitty you all have been seeing me in.


I can wear some brands of RIGGED MESH HAIR with the Kinzart kitty!

Look! Wearing Truth’s Brandy Rigged mesh hair!

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Now the hair could set a bit wider on the face for my taste, but that is something that should get fixed if/when they ever get the rigged mesh deformer working. But HEY this is a HUGE thing for me as it is. It’s not enough of a problem to make the hair unwearable, I do know I’ll have to grab the demo of hairs to check the fit first now.

And now behind the cut, some shots of me in my undies showing off various features and more babbling about the things this new avatar has. Continue reading

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 34

Week Thirty Four:


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Outfit Potato Sack Dress w/hat and basket SIGN SLURL
New hat made by me, WITH POTATOES ON IT!!
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Paige SLURL
Pose Olive Juice- Gamer Con shop no longer exists
SimThe Bean Wars SLURL

So, in the in world chat I joked about getting a potato sculpt and wearing that for this color as I had NOTHING in it. AT ALL. And Russet is a type of potato.

Well, what I ended up with is not an actual potato sculpt, it’s a potato sack dress! Close enough! AND I made the hat, as the one that came with the outfit was no mod and I couldn’t resize it, so the hatband is the exact shade and I put potatoes on the hat. POTATOES ARE ON MY HAT!!

To say I am amused with this is an understatement.

Then Turlock wanted to get in on the joke, and thusly him behind me with the thought bubble. I chose the sim with him in mind. The Bean Wars is a Zombie sim, with a twist of also going for the last can of Beans. One of the nicer ones I’ve seen. In that the while the zombies do attack, they aren’t physical so you don’t get bumped around, and its super easy to run if you want. And a bonus, for my way of seeing it anyway, it’s not damage enabled, so you won’t get bitten and then zapped back home. Good for a photographer! But I wager those that are really into combat and RP might think otherwise.

For the pose I pulled out the Resident evil post by Olive juice and went all angry kitty on the Zombies.

Then there was some zombie killing. And as I cannot figure out how to take photos in Mouse lock, sorry none of those! The best I could get was logging Adar’s account on and using his to take some shots of me at the target range.

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and lots of photos of me running to / from hoards of Zombies. The zombie spawners are all over the sim, not just in the grassy field you see after leaving the landing point area. Which has the targets and a freebie gun, as well as some guns for 30L.

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There are safe places scattered about, different levels to escape from the zombies, so if you want to grab a buddy or just need some stress relief shooting. The Bean Wars is a good spot.

Never did find that last can of beans though.

Click to seeall of my photos

Going to be making a big change in my looks soon. The big reveal will be made in its own post, not a 52 weeks post. So if you want to see it, watch this blog!

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 33

Week Thirty Three:

Tyrian Purple

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Outfit *Evie’s Closet* Eden – Peony SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Carlie SLURL
Pose Embody Prop Pose Pack F SEER SLURL
SimPahute SLURL

Had a few choices for this week’s color. Settled on one of my favorite outfits in the end. One I could have So cheated with and reused photos from the past, but the place isn’t even THERE anymore so I went someplace totally new!

Pahute is home to a few art installations and a small sky shop. The art Insulations are, The Loneliness of Being, A Passing Moment, and Shadows. The shop is Apricot Flames

I went to them in order of the sign on the Teleport hub, so that meant I started with The Loneliness of Being.

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I, honestly could have spent hours there watching the letters and finding the words. It’s rather mesmerizing and beautiful. I can see it as a sort of oracle / fortune teller as well. Words pop out that you need in life just then!

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Next up was A Passing Moment, which is an installation of photos taken at a Real World art event. There’s things there to explain it more.

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The sky shop has some lovely fires in it. And then the last installation is called Shadows, and I’m not sure what it’s about, found no note care. but it was interesting.

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I found a second version of it over on the other side of the sim behind the Loneliness mountain.

You can see all my photos at this link

Next week’s color is a neutral, which I always suck at, its RUSSET, which is a brown, also a potato. I am VERY tempted to dress up as a potato..

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 32

Week Thirty Two:


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Outfit Fancy fairy Sun Fairy SLURL
Jewelry Zuri Rayna Aloha in Pearls, Elite~Petal/Metal Change SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Juliette SLURL
Pose [LAP] Gown with the Wind SLURL
SimMysterious Dream SLURL

I thought I had this color in the bag, thinking I had a Jonquil themed outfit. Nope! It’s narcissus. But thankfully I had this gown, which is so many shades of yellow the right one is in it someplace! Then I randomly decided that an over the shoulder back view of it would make an interesting photo. The hardest part was getting the wings to not be in the way! And while I am in so much love with nearly all of Zuri’s jewelry, I wish I could turn them off of full bright!

For the sim I chose one that I’ve been at, started, got distracted before I could settle down and explore, gave up on due to no time..well this happened a few times. So this time I was determined! It had changed some, gone was a giant sized One Ring from Lord of the Rings, in was a forest. I dont know what other changes took place, I noticed that one though.

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It’s one of those lovely “water sims” that people like to make, with quirky builds and landscaping, and the land JUST under the water level. It had a nice windlight setting as well.

It had a lot of shimmery items that I just love, like the beaded curtains in the stone arch circle thing. And the star dangles coming down from the tree. Which is why I chose to have th photo for this week taken in front of one.

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It has lots of things to play on, I quite enjoyed my time exploring. Not sure if I found everything, I found oly one sky platform. there may be others, I’m not sure. And as its a place that clearly chagnes from time to time, visits back are going to be worht it.

All of my photos of Mysterious Dream are here


The recent dealings over Chik Fil A got me thinking about Anti Homophobia. And what positive things you can do to show your support. One of them is the No H8 campaign.


The NOH8 Campaign is a photographic silent protest created by celebrity photographer Adam Bouska and partner Jeff Parshley in direct response to the passage of Proposition 8. Photos feature subjects with duct tape over their mouths, symbolizing their voices being silenced by Prop 8 and similar legislation around the world, with “NOH8” painted on one cheek in protest.

I ran into a problem when I went looking for a Secondlife version of the logo and tape. The only avalibe ones are on the tattoo layer! Which as a fur would be pointless to wear as my head would cover it up. So whats a girl to do but make her OWN prim versions! And then I put them on the marketplace for free and in full perms. So others can do the same.

So here is my No H8 photo.

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