Happy Halloween!

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Another 52 weeks of color – Week 43

Week Forty Two:

Ghost White

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Outfit XC Ghost Bride Avatar SLURL
Hair Hair Andrea white – Hair & Hairs from Jaqueline Tafel SLURL
Pose ‘NSA’ – Frankenfae (boxed) SLURL
Sim Haunted Mansion – A Strange Museum SLURL

I, am more pleased with how this turned out then I likely should be. But when I saw the color I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it.

It took a few tries to get it done. The mesh outfit I tried at first was naked, so I had to buy a full prim one for the clothing, Then IT turned out to be no mod so that was useless. I found a different one that was mod, and chose to just use it on its own instead of it and the mesh one.

Then I pulled out the prim bits of my avatar in white and mucked with the transparency. Which meant a bit more modding then I expected as it made all the different tail positions visible! And the tinting eye issue I had cropped up with this as well. I ended up deleting the blinking script, which makes my eyes closed all the time. Not that you can really tell. And then I needed a white hair to turn transparent as blond still looks yellow.

But you see the results. LOVE it.

For the location I wanted one of the many haunted places that crop up this time of the year. I do hope this one sticks around a bit longer. I had a lot of fun at it. You get given a hud preloader and told a bit of what to expect. And that its really a place for one person to go through alone. Which I found out was Very true as some people showed up and their huds triggered stuff with mine and it got all a muddle. I ended up finding the exit before I think I should have.

But I enjoyed the loose storyline while there, and its quite interactive and fun! Do go for a visit!

And be careful what wind light you use, I used one for a bit that turned white transparent things red, full bright fixed the red cast though.

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All my photos

I’ll likely go back later and give it another try with a fresh hud.

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 42

Week Forty Two:


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Outfit *Evie’s Closet* Ellora I & II – Pink SLURL
Hair.:EMO-tions:. *ALICE* SLURL
Pose :+:SS:+: Daisy Parasol – Qld Flood Relief Fundraiser SLURL
SimEchoes in the Garden SLURL

My get up and go, pretty much got up and went this week and still hasn’t really returned. I am pretty much forcing myself to make this post real quick. I need to catch my get up and go and get it back to GOING soon. UGH. I hate feeling run down and not wanting to do jack squat. The Irony of this is I had this color ready to GO since last Thursday! Before I made the post for 41!! OYE!!


The pig was totally necessary to be in the top shot. Why? Because I say so!

The build I went to for this color was on the split screen sims and will go away soonish. By the end of the month I believe. It’s a simple little build but I enjoyed it. Did not notice I was given a folder of props, including an umbrella, till I was back home. So watch for that when you arrive!

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Turn your music off and your sound up, there are sound files. And use one of the two recommended wind lights! It made it all the more immersive. I changed mine from one to the other after a bit.

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Things move as you walk through this very simple installation. I enjoyed it. It’s a bit surrealists.

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And I can not explain why the pigs amuse me as much as they do. You can see all of my photos of the build at this link.

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Now, to fix up next weeks color, explore a sim AND get to exploring the Haunts of the Month!!

Softpaw Glasses

The glasses named for me are now for sale at both the Krystal main store and at the marketplace. VERY affordable at only 175L and come in gold, silver or Ebony.

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It’s silly, as all I did was give her the idea but two people have already blogged them and it makes me happy.

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 41

Week Forty One:

Antique Brass

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Outfit TheDollhouse-The Queens Dolls-Heart Suit SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Elaina SLURL
Pose Olive Juice- Fall Frills (skirt-friendly) store is gone wwhaaa

LOOK LOOK I AM NO LONGER STRIPY!!!! While the stripes are lovely and everything, a stripy kitty is just ..not me. So I asked around and found someone that could do the texture work I needed done since I couldn’t just tint a white Kinzart kitty due to a script error. *explained in detail here* Remitost Belavidorico is the one that did it for me, So I am back in my sold cream! Woot! And he did a purple for Relay weekend as well. Both for a very reasonable rate as he did the prim texture and a skin.

He also did a pink one without me asking. Not REALLY sure what wires got crossed there but I will be picking that one up on Thursday. It’s the almost the exact shade of pink as my ren faire characters fur. And lastly he’s the same person that helped me mod my tail to add the jewelry to it when I first switched to the Kinzart avatar.

You can see it in normal lighting here, as I took most of the photos with the sim wind light.

It took me FOREVER to find an outfit for this color. You’d think I’d have a lot of brass seeing as I live on a Steampunk sim. But NOPE, I do not. And it was a hard color to track down. The outfit I settled on I THINK is an old hunt item.

The sim, is the sim next to the line art sim, *post coming about that*. I had gone through my folder full of booksmarks to place to explore, deleted about HALF of them as they where limited engagement art builds. Anyone know of a group to know when the LEA sims are redone and what is on them NOW? I’d love that. I need a good group for interesting art builds and sims to explore.

DACO Monday : MY SECOND LIFE VISION is a very..surreal sim, that is better shone then talked about. So..onto the photos! And you can see ALL of my photos at this link.

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It’s a good sim for feeling TINY on as most of it is oversized. Do go enjoy it! and the other builds near it!

Idle note, have not heard who won the photo contest I entered yet..

Photo contest entries.

So I am entering yet another photo contest. This time it is for Nat’s Elfin Enchanted and has a theme of Storybooks!

I submitted one last week, as I did not know the deadline had been extended a week. Upon learning I had an extra week I put togehter a second shot!

Here is the first. My idea was simple enough, Trees have stories they can tell. There is no post processing done on this at all. Just mucking with windlight.

Stories of the Ancients

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The newer shot, I got a bit romantic, and timely! As many may know. Last month The Princess Bride had its 25th anniversary.

As most will NOT know, It’s song, Storybook Love, is mine and Adar’s song. We played it at our wedding. So I wanted to recreate one of the scenes from it.

Did you know that there is not a single Princess Bride outfit on the marketplace? Not that is listed under Princess Bride anyway! Adar’s outfit was easy enough to make do with…hello Zorro! I poked at my inventory till I found something I liked. Then Bang poses had the perfect pose.

I did do some post processing, but only for the edge fade and the text. The rest is all in sim sky setting effects.

As You Wish

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There is a few f

Another 52 weeks of color – Week 40

Week Forty:


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[blissiere] bandeau maxi skirt – ginny – amaranth SLURL
Jewelry .:MANNA:. Reverie Necklace (Boxed) SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Katie SLURL
SimVirtual Reality by Mexi Lane SLURL

Back to my normal 52 posts! YAY I explored! I had meant to get this done in time to post it Saturday but something I was waiting on did not happen. I need to poke someone and hopefully it will happen before this weekend.

For this week I chose the new art installation on the MIC sim. It’s the same sim that had the Leonardo’s Machines that I went to for week 31 Wales. The art is mostly in the water, but they did do some tinting of the environments to match the colors of it! I liked that.

And I got a surprise the other day. Back in March I had come in third place in a photo contest. And Kouse got my prize finished! She had of course done them in order from 1st to 3rd. And she went with my glasses idea!! They are utterly fantastic and I love them.

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They are larger than my Air_ glasses, which I like, it means they should show up in photos better. And even better, SO MUCH LESS SCRIPTY!! Good Gods the air glasses are so script-tastic. Beautiful, but I had to take them off for some places due to script limits. The Krystal glasses are so much better for sims! I don’t know when she will offer them for sale. They aren’t as of yet.

Now into the sim.

I saw the new build in the destination guide and here is the blurb from it.

In 1995, artist Mexi Lane painted a picture (300 cm. X 200 cm.) entitled “Virtual Reality.” Today, with the availability of sculp and mesh, Mexi was able to reconstruct the framework in Second Life. This project will soon become part of a machinima to be projected on a screen next to the original painting that will be displayed in a real life art gallery

The build is bright, colorful and quirky. I enjoyed it and hope I get to see the machinima when it is made.

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The build doesn’t take long to explore. So give it a visit!

You can see all my photos at this link.