Another 52 weeks of color – Week 40

Week Forty:


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[blissiere] bandeau maxi skirt – ginny – amaranth SLURL
Jewelry .:MANNA:. Reverie Necklace (Boxed) SLURL
Hair!!Calico Creations!! Katie SLURL
SimVirtual Reality by Mexi Lane SLURL

Back to my normal 52 posts! YAY I explored! I had meant to get this done in time to post it Saturday but something I was waiting on did not happen. I need to poke someone and hopefully it will happen before this weekend.

For this week I chose the new art installation on the MIC sim. It’s the same sim that had the Leonardo’s Machines that I went to for week 31 Wales. The art is mostly in the water, but they did do some tinting of the environments to match the colors of it! I liked that.

And I got a surprise the other day. Back in March I had come in third place in a photo contest. And Kouse got my prize finished! She had of course done them in order from 1st to 3rd. And she went with my glasses idea!! They are utterly fantastic and I love them.

Click to see bigger

They are larger than my Air_ glasses, which I like, it means they should show up in photos better. And even better, SO MUCH LESS SCRIPTY!! Good Gods the air glasses are so script-tastic. Beautiful, but I had to take them off for some places due to script limits. The Krystal glasses are so much better for sims! I don’t know when she will offer them for sale. They aren’t as of yet.

Now into the sim.

I saw the new build in the destination guide and here is the blurb from it.

In 1995, artist Mexi Lane painted a picture (300 cm. X 200 cm.) entitled “Virtual Reality.” Today, with the availability of sculp and mesh, Mexi was able to reconstruct the framework in Second Life. This project will soon become part of a machinima to be projected on a screen next to the original painting that will be displayed in a real life art gallery

The build is bright, colorful and quirky. I enjoyed it and hope I get to see the machinima when it is made.

Click to see bigger


Click to see bigger

The build doesn’t take long to explore. So give it a visit!

You can see all my photos at this link.

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