Another 52 weeks of color – Week 49 ~ Ice Princess

Week Nine:

Cotton Candy

Click for bigger

Outfit ::MCB:: Northern Ice Princess – Pink – Fiber Carbon CaseMarketplace only
Hair>TRUTH< Festive Geri – old group gift SLURL
SimTimeless Photography & Ice Skating SLURL

Today’s post brings a double duty as both my Christmas Countdown image and this weeks color challenge! And look for the first time in MONTHS the color challenge is Ready on Sunday!!

Pink is not a color most folks think of when it comes to Christmas, its more a spring color after all, but it CAN be made to be Festively Christmassy! I knew with this color I wanted a skating outfit and found a sweet one with snowflakes. It shows more of my butt then I like but eeh…it’s covered by virtual “fur” anyway.

Then I found a lovely sim, that I will likely use again for other countdown posts. It was covered in fun pose props all over! And is very much into the holiday season. I took a few scenery shots and you can see those at this link and has a store on it. Which I forgot to go into this time but will be going back. And if you like skating in Secondlife this is a GREAT place for it! Lots of room to zoom about with your hud or hop onto a few pose balls they provide. Singles and couple skates are available.

Click to see bigger

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