Disneybound challenge – week one Peter Pan

So there is a new weekly blogger challenge out there. And it is DISNEY themed. So I MUST DO IT!! Each week the ladies over at Style Minions will give a Disney Character and you present your interpretation of an outfit in that characters colors. There is no color swatch to match so its a TON easier then color based Challenges. And loads of fun!

The first week’s Character is..PETER PAN!

click for bigger

Outfit  (women’s)(fir) Lysander ~silentsparrow~ steamfairy costume SLURL
Hair CiC Leah SLURL
Pose [impEle] Winged Poses (Marketplace) Marketplace
Sim My home plot in Steelhead Nevermoor SLURL

I thought this outfit fit Peter VERY well, in a steampunk way. There is a male version of it as well!

I looked for a Neverland sim to take a photo on, but the only Neverland I found was a recreation of Michael Jacksons home. Not quite what I wanted..Can’t wait to see what the next character is!


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