52 Crayola Crayons week Thirteen – Inchworm

Week Thirteen

178, 236, 93

click for bigger

Outfit Falln Sanak address FF ExclusiveSLURL
HairVita’s Boudoir – *CHH3*8 Dragonfly hair …tinted SLURL
AccessoryIzzie’s – You got something on your nose! SLURL
Poseflowey – the sky boxes – ALL – for Collabor88 SLURL
Sim My home plot in Steelhead Nevermoor SLURL

Next Week’s Crayon!!

  Pink Flamingo

252, 116, 253

This weeks crayon I picked cause, well INCHWORM! It’s a fun word and I love the song, but then I am a Danny Kaye fan so..you got the great fun of trying to match it! It was added to the box of crayons in 2003 and is found in the 120 and up boxes.

I had a HARD time with this one, Thankfully the bodice of this outfit I got last year at Fantasy Faire worked! The outfit does come in other colors but this one was exclusive to the event. Which I am SO looking forwards to blogging again this year!

The hair is from last years Crazy Hair hunt, and I tinted it. So it also, is not available anymore either. And I think the skybox/pose I used is also not available. If it IS it is only for a few more days till the new round of Collabor88 starts.

The cute lil Inchworm on my nose however IS available now, I picked it up off the marketplace but they have an in world store too!

I BELIEVE I am coming close to the end of my Computer issues. At least as best I can till we can save to get me a Win 8 compatible graphics card. By tomorrow I hope to be fully in the new system, with a faster processor and more memory! YAY! I can not WAIT to get back to blogging and exploring properly

Oh..and if you had no idea what song..here it is..

This is the version seen originally in the film Hans Christian Anderson.. But..I love this version …

Because Danny Kaye and the Muppets are just a match made in Heaven.


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