Why I Blog

Got a week behind on Strawberry’s memes so I’ll be posting last weeks and this weeks today.

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Outfit Vita’s Boudoir Jelly Dress Pink SLURL
Hair >TRUTH< Enisa SLURL
Pose c( Two Cats ) Miqo’te Poses SLURL
Sim Ravenshard – A fantasy Faire Sim SLURL

Ok, so this posts photo, and the next one, aren’t in skyboxes. Fantasy Faire is open longer then planed and I am taking advantage! The outfit is NOT from Fantasy faire, but hey, it makes me look like a truffula tree so, I went with it.

This week is all about why you blog, from Berry

This week’s meme is a bit of a long one and I’ll admit I didn’t really change any of the questions around from the RL blog I stole this from. I usually totally revamp all the questions so they are more sl related but I figured since this one was more about blogging, I could just leave them as is. I did add one extra question to the list because I felt weird having 13 questions (yes I’m totally superstitious) and also because 14 is my favorite number! 😀 So yeah, don’t kill me for having 14 questions today.

Meme instructions: Copy and paste the following questions and answers to your post, delete my answers and input your own. Try not to swear at Berry in your head for having so many questions this week and don’t forget to leave a comment in this meme’s post so others can come by and read your answers as well!

And so here we go!

1. How long have you been blogging?

Since I started Second Life in 2008

2. Why did you start blogging?

Because I was super excited about this new world and wanted to share my excitement about the things I found. I started doing so in my none SL Live journal, then switched to using a different LJ account to not annoy the folks that just didn’t care about it. Then I learned about feeds and started cross posting to a blogger account as they fed better then Livejournal does.

3. How many times a week do you post an entry?

It used to be not often at all, maybe once or twice a month. Weekly if I was on a roll. Then I got into doing the color challenges so it became at LEAST once a week. I tried to have a none color post as well each week, but that didn’t always happen. These days, with all the memes I am doing its a minimum of three times a week. More if I can manage to go and explore a sim NOT for a post.

In May it will likely just be the memes as my weekends are filled with preforming at the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. And I pretty much DIE on Mondays when I get home. Side note, Come visit me there! I’m SO easy to find, in the fairy glen!

So weekly blogger challenges have really helped me blog more which is why I started my own when Luna’s ended.

4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis?

I try to watch the feeds so I have no idea. Going to individual blogs is a hassle to me so I like having them all in one space. I do have a few that I singled out and watch their feeds apart from the mass feeds to not miss posts from them.

5. Do you comment on other people’s blogs?

I try to, when I see something I want to comment on. But I have ALWAYS been a horrible commenter and seldom do it.

6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you have?

Blogger doesn’t give that great of stats on it, sure I have some but not as in depth as I would like. I do like seeing how people find my posts, which tends to mostly be the feeds like Iheartsl. And sometimes the way people find me BAFFLES me, like what the heck are www.filmhill.com and http://www.vampirestat.com exactly and how to people use to find me?

7. Did you ever regret a post that you wrote?

Some that I am a bit nervous about, but none that i have regretted. And so far all the nervousness is me being a worry wort.

8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog?

I like to think so.

9. Do you blog under your real name?

*laughs* No, I do not, but my real name is easy to find out. Or just ask I’ll tell you.

10. Are there topics that you would never blog about?

Sex and violence. I try to keep a PG blog, and that includes what I wear. I can not TELL you how self conscious I felt when I was taking shots of that outfit by the Plastik last week. That was very extreme for me.

11. What is the theme/topic of your blog?

I’m a big ol mix of stuff, Fashion, Exploration, Events. A hodgepodge.

12. Do you have more than one blog? If so, why?

I have a personal blog to talk about none Sl stuff. It’s a Livejournal and you have to HAVE a livejournal to read it.

13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging?

Sharing things, meeting friends.

14. So, why do you continue to blog?

I enjoy it, and it lets me share the AMAZING world that is Secondlife.

Valley of Ish`nar ~ A fantasy Faire Sim.

Well the second part of the hunt, The Key of Hope may be Delayed They did open the sim up fully, after taking out the part two items, for exploration. It’s a STUNNING sim so I am glad to have gotten the chance to go in and look around before the second half starts.

If all goes well, and Mad Peas gets the bugs out with some really strong RAID, the second half of the hunt will open on May 1st and the sim will remain open till May 19th. But just going by the prizes from the first half, and there are even MORE from the second, it will be so worth the wait. The first half only had items from each sim, the second half, from all the shops in the faire land! Talk about a windfall for a mere 100L!!!

The sim was built by Rynn Verwood of –= Solarium =– who claims to NOT be a builder, but I think otherwise!

The build is a fantastically mysterious one, full of crumbling ruins, imposing statues and a huge waterfall. It really brings to mind a place one might find Indiana Jones, so much so I ran my husband through the first part of the hunt so we can do the second half together in full Indy garb! Can’t wait to see what it is like with all the hunt stuff back.

You can visit it now though at this SLURL and if you want to do the hunt, HURRY and do the first half NOW, the faire will be open ONE extra day to give more people time to do this! So , grab 100L find a hud at any faire sim landing point and get to hunting! It doesn’t take long at all.

No promises on how long the second half will take though!

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I will do another post about the Second half of the hunt when I run through it. And you can see all the photos I took of Ish`nar at this link here

Why I Relay

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They say that cancer touches everyone in one way or another. Which if my life is any indication that is so very true.

I have lost an aunt to it.

I had a cousin who won her battle.

My father in law, an Uncle and the dad of my Best friend are all fighting the same battle with the same kind of cancer.

Last year brain cancer took away a lovable rouge of a man I knew from Renaissance faires.

This year cancer swooped in and suddenly took the life of a bright young woman I knew. Not even married a year and Leukemia came and took her from her new husband, her family and friends with no warning. In less then a month from when she went to the hospital she was gone, they hadn’t even figured out exactly what kind of Leukemia it was. I shall proudly wear blue on Relay day in her honor, both on the track and in my Chair sitting at home, as she went by the nickname of Blue.

Cancer just takes, it never gives anything, except heartbreak and pain. It knows no boundaries of race, gender, or age. It will attack with no mercy.

I, personally, am utterly terrified that I will get told my Husband, My Father, my Brother or my best friend have the same kind of cancer that has already affected their/our families via fathers or brothers.

But you can’t live in fear of it, that is no way to live.

What you can do is fight it, fight it by helping fund the research to cure it. And it will take a lot to fund it with all the different kinds.

What you also need to do, is live in hope. Hope and love. That is the two things I am about most of all. For with out those we are nothing.

The one item I keep on my personal land at all times is a big pink tree, called Hope Spring Eternal by Kriss Lehmann of Botanical. Why? Because that is me, eternally hopeful, and pink. Hopeful for many things but in regards to Relay, that each year will be the last year we have to relay, as a cure will be found.

The American Cancer Society has been around for a century fighting against cancer, and it will continue on a century more if that is what it takes. Relay brings Hope. Relay brings Love.

And that is why I Relay.

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You don’t have to be inworld to donate, click the image below and donate! The minimum amount you can donate via this is 5 dollars. I’ve been adding 5 a week since a little before Relay started.

Disneybound Challenge week seven – Kuzco

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Aurora Toga ~PASSION~ by Caverna Obscura SLURL
Jewelry ~Soedara~ Belly dancer Tariqa New Gold Necklace SLURL
Hair .:EMO-tions.. *PARADISE* Tinted red SLURL
Pose *FN* Outbreaker Pose SLURL
Sim Titans Hollow SLURL

When it was announced that Kuzco would be the character this week, I had NO clue what I would do. Then I remembered about this FABULOUS hair that Emotions put out for Fantasy faire, Yeah I had to tint it red and that was a pain to UNtint the feathers. But it was PERFECT. Then I remembered about Caverna Obscura’s togas. yeah, greek but it works for me! Added in a large necklace to complete the look! BOOM BABY!!!

Chose to pose in fantasy faire this week as well, it’s where I’ve been all week. Plus Titan’s Hollow was just perfect for the look. The pose is a Fantasy Faire offering by F*cking Ninjas.

The only thing this shot lacks is a Llama and I didn’t feel like tracking one down 😛

Grimm Brothers, Epic and F*cking Ninjas on Ravenshard.

ok..going to start this post with an off topic Sulk… I’ve been uploading choice sim photos and the fashion shots, and..I hit my bandwidth limit! I can’t upload these last ones to my flickr stream. *ssuulllkkss*

Ok that’s over!

I bring you two outfits and one new pose maker in this post!

The first outfit is by the Grim Bros.s and is one of their fantastical outfits, it’s called The crowdsourced dress . Why is it called that? I have no idea, but its a delightful mix of netting, flowers and purple fabrics, and a hat! I love the hat.

You can get to the Grim Bros main store here.

And the last outfit I shall be showing you from Fantasy Faire is by Epic, its a short lil mesh number called Faery Glitter Dress, and it comes with appliers for Lola’s mesh breasts for those that wear them, of which I am not one.

In the shot I am also using one of F*cking Ninjas poses they are offering. It’s called Impetuous Rover Pose, they have quite a few posts up for really offerings. Very good ones for RP shots as they have weapons!

Epic’s main store is at this location and F*cking Ninjas is

And, that is the last of the sim outfits. I will have two other posts, a wrap up with fun shots, and part two of the hunt though! Or possibly three, i have one post I want to think on a bit..hmm…

Simply Fae on Ravenshard

And here we have the last of my shops! The delightfully whimsical Simply Fae by Boaz Sands

Her Main store is located here and her Fantasy faire outlet is located to the right of the landing point near the boarder of Ravenshard and Fairelands Junctions sim

I have a few of Boaz’s outfits already, so I was very pleased to be assigned her to blog. She offers outfits for both full size Fae like me and the petite faes.

The first of her Relay offerings I will be showing off is a short sassy dress called Tatiana I . It’s simple but I love it. The embroidery on the skirt is my favorite part.

Her next outfit I will be showing off is actually one I picked up from her Relay kiosk last year, but it was so fantastic she had it again this year! I love the vine and floral work on it, and its one of those that swishes extreamly well. Good for dancing!

You can get to her shop on Eavenshard via this Slurl

Ravenshard ~ a Fantasy Faire Sim

Ravenshard is fantasy whimsical world from the mind of Mayah Parx, of Epic Toy Factory who both created it and sponsered it

And like last year, I want to eat parts of her Fantasy Faire Sim she created.

SLURL and shop list at this link

Mayah created a world based on a whole lotta Dr Seuss, * I WANT A TRUFFULA TREE!! SO BAD, but I can’t figure out if they are for sale someplace or not*, but also some Burton and Carol. It’s a fabulous mishmash of fantasy that just WORKS. Pools of chocolate, truffula trees, wacky buildings, some with FEET, and just all around fabulousness. If you look you may even spot the Lorax!

Even the windlight setting is wacky fantastic, with multicolored clouds scrolling across the sky at full speed!

Click to see bigger

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If you can figure out why I took this shot then you know me very well!

You can see all of my photos of the sim at this link

And because I added a video to my post about Mayah’s sim last year..here is one that matches this years!

Kouse’s Sanctum and NAMINOKE in Lotus Valley Dreams

Kouse is one of my favorite designers in Secondlife, so of COURSE I had to snap up one of her relay gowns. I chose the one named Ophelia because I liked the lil hat and the sleeves, but she has three lovely gowns to chose from. I just only picked up the one.

For the record Kouse also made my glasses you see me in. They are named for me and found under her jewelry brand Krystal. I love them so much.

You can get to her main store by following this slurl and her store on the sim is at the border of Lotus Valley and Lumenaria

For my other outfit, I chose an oriental one to match the theme of the sim. I selected a new to me designer named NAMINOKE and her cute mini kimono she was offering called Lotus Dawn. I love how it shifts and moves.

You can get to her main store at this SLURL and her store on Lotus Dream is near the boarder of Lotus Dream and Ravenshard.

Also on the sim is another of my favorite designers Caverna Obscura  . I owned one of her relay offerings already and in fact showed it off at this post here earlier in the month. I adore Elvina work enough to want to give her a shot out even if I am not showing OFF her work in this post. Her store is near kouse’s on the sim

Again you can get to Lotus Valley Dreams via the SLURL there. It has a map but I told you how to get to these stores!

Lotus Valley Dreams ~ a Fantasy Faire sim

Lotus Valley Dream is an oriental fantasy of a sim designed and sponsored by Marcus Inkpen & Sharni Azalee of The Looking Glass

SLURL and shop list is at this link

Like Magnificat this sim is a horse shoe shape going around water, however instead of ships sailing into the sunset, Lotus features a giant glowing lotus blossom being entwined by an oriental red dragon. A simply breath taking sight.

Docks with boats, little nooks with fountains, statues, and duckies are scattered about the sim. It makes for a pleasantly calming experience.

Also on the sim is the Steelhead Associated Adventures club run by the Quest for the golden Prim. Which is a comic shot mostly in Steelhead’s sims. My teahouse made an a background appearance once! I took a few photos of it and they can be seen starting here

Click to see bigger

I love this shot, the lotus dragon and the Fantasy faire Radio Dragon

Click to see bigger

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Shot in the blogger preview before the dragon was added

Click to see bigger


I greatly enjoyed this sim and you can see all my photos of it at this link here

::{Elysium}:: and Meero’s on Lumenaria

I have two things to show you also from Lumenaria. One is a gown one is…not!

Lets start with the gown. It’s by ::{Elysium}:: as is the horns and garland I am wearing. Both relay offerings. The gown is called Maenad while the matching wreath and antler, have no real name.

I love this gown, but then I am a sucker for gowns with flowers on them, and the blue roses are a lovely touch. The matching antlers also come in a version with just the garland, but I like the birdy on them so antler kitty it is!

I really like the styling of the gown and I don’t think I have anything else by them so I may just have to go take a look at what else they have to offer at their main store.

Next up, something a little different for me, A breedble! ..Now I have done the breedbles critters in the past, and in fact i have some kitty cats on my land right now. The past two years relay kitties.

Now I tried Meeros at one point, but I think I did so at a busy time for me and just got overwhelmed and gave up. I do think they are adorable and worth it if you want to give it a go. I love the sounds they make and the storyline that comes with them!

I was given a blogger pack by them to review and so I shall so. It came with two random plants and a starter set of meero nest, food and home stone. I did not fully open up the starter set. The plants though, are quite lovely and would make nice plants to have about your land even if you do not have any Meeros.

As I didn’t uuh..hatch, my meero, and my memory sucks, I can’t remember if the meero you get in the pack is an exclusive to Fantasy faire coat or not.

Click to see bigger

Now their store on Lumenaria is SOOO adorable! I love it a lot. really shows off the plants and the meeros themselves. In fact outside they have one I WANT SO MUCH!

Click to see bigger

FAIRY MEERO!..at least that is what it looks like to me. SO ADORABLE!!

And like I said the inside is just as great

Click to see bigger

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So go check out the Meeros, I Believe they have a few meero type decorations to offer as well, statues of the cute critters. And if you want to give raising them a go check out their main sim to learn more!