Disneybound Challenge Week Twenty One – Rapunzel

click for bigger

Outfit Nomine Mesh Corset Princess – pink SLURL
Outfit Nomine Mesh RenFaire Skirt – rose SLURL
Jewelry Ashira’s Princess Crown SLURL
Jewelry MFP Sun Pendant SLURL
Pet J.D .o0O Cameleon Rapunzel Raiponce O0o. SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Lolth- SLURL
Prop ~*GOD*~ Floating Lanterns SLURL
Building ~ Rapunzel Fantasy Tower (Tudor Medieval Fairy Tale Castle Tower) SLURL
Pose Perch Sit – 2 – Marketplace
Sim Steelhead Nevermore SLURL

Rapunzel is my second favorite Disney Princess so it took me FOREVER to get the look I wanted for this week. Which is why I am just now posting it. I went through so many changes of mind on the outfit. And then I pulled up the cave house I had down to put down my tower as it was NEEDED for this look!

I finely settled on a skirt and top combo from Nomine, it gave the best look that said Rapunzel to me of everything I tried. Hair was a no brainer, something long, and I had the crown already. I did pick up the sun pendant and Pascal shoulder pet as well. And as I said I already had the tower, and the lanterns are always down on my plot!

Oh and for a change, because the shot was too gorgeous..here is a pulled back version taken on Adar’s computer..and trust me, you want to see it bigger!

Click to see bigger


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