52 Crayola Crayons Week Thirty Four – Lapis Lazuli

Week Thirty Four

  Lapis Lazuli
67, 108, 185

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Outfit {Laughing Academy Theda Bara Gown Egyptian Store sadly no longer around
Jewelry [FPI] Goddess Jasper Set SLURL
Jewelry KK Jewelry: Egyptian Set GOLD Marketplace
Hair ~TuTy’s~ JAZZ Vintage bob with braid – Red Marketplace
Pose Olive Juice- Walk Like an Egyptian SLURL
Sim Terra Egypta SLURL

Next Week’s Crayon!!


255, 155, 170

The Lapis Lazuli crayon was found in the 1994 specialty crayon box Gem Tones. As a stone Lapis is a fantastic shade of blue mottled with bits of calcite and pyrite. It has its most famous usage in Egyptian jewelry and statues so I wanted to go with an Egyptian theme for the shoot. Which meant that most of the shade is in the jewelry I have on and not the outfit itself.

Finding the sim took me FORREEVVERRR, I avoided the one I ended up with for a while as its description in the destination guide made it sound more like a random chat location rather then a beautifully done Rp sim. Then when I got there I found out it is not one but FOUR sims so, it took way longer then I thought to explore it. And I am sure I missed stuff.

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I took a LOT of photos and you can see them all at this link here

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