52 Crayola Crayons Week Thirty Six- Cultured Pearl

Week Thirty Six

  Cultured Pearl
245, 245, 245

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Outfit LIKKA*HOUSE Little Lovebird SLURL
Hair lollipopz hair Winter Rose Marketplace
Sim Quiet After Evening SLURL

Next Week’s Crayon!!

205, 164, 222

The Cultured Pearl crayon is another from the 1997 pearl brite set, and the last of the colors from that set to show up in this challenge! I tried to include at least one crayon from all of the specialty sets listed on the Wiki page of crayon colors. There are, three sets I chose not to pick from as they had multiple colors in one crayon and with the exception of July 4th I thought those would be just to tricky to do.

The outfit, is some gloriously nonsensical thing I have had sitting in my inventory for years waiting to be worn someplace. The winged hearts in side the hoop cage ROTATE! I love it. I think however it was from a hunt or a group gift so I am not sure you can still get it.

The build I found via the destination guide. It is on Leroy and is one of the temporary small “globe” builds they do. It’s quite peaceful, even has some music playing that is not on the stream. And a few gifts on the table with the radio playing the music. I enjoyed it. I did not take many photos as its a small build but you can see them all at this link

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Click to see bigger

Click to see bigger


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