52 Crayola Crayons Week Thirty Nine – Mauvelous

Week Thirty Nine

239, 152, 170

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Outfit *EC* Minuet Fairy Outfit – Pink “ SLURL
Hair Exile::Sugar High Dark Reds SLURL
Hair Available at My Attic SLURL
Pose *~*HopScotch*~* Love the Camera SLURL
Pose Available at The Poser Pavilion SLURL
Sim Pangloss SLURL

Next Week’s Crayon!!

  Gargoyle Gas
255, 223, 70

Mauvelous First appeared in 1993 in the 96 color box. It was also named in a contest to name 16 new colors. Wisteria from a few weeks ago was also named in this contest. I should have marked on my master list when crayons got their names via contests so I could remember to add that info.

This is also the last pink of the year *sniffs* So when I saw the gorgeously pink sim Pangloss on Honour Mcmillan’s blog I knew I had to go it as it was fitting.

The pose I used is a new one from Hopscotch and I am pleased to announce that I was picked to be one of their new official bloggers! YAY!

The sim, as I said before is very PINK, but the windlight setting the sim owner chose for it tones down the pinkness a LOT. It’s a very surreal sim and still being finished, as I ran into its owner and she told me so. Very nice lady who just loves pink!

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All of my photos of Pangloss are seen here I took some without the sim wind light so you can see just how PINK the place is!

Next week starts my themed colors and visits to haunted sim builds and houses! I have been giggling all year over the color names for October and can’t wait to explain them!!

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