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Outfit !dM deviousMind “Lady Margaery” **PINK** SLURL
outfit Available at the Secret Affair SLURL
Jewelry .aisling. Lady Of Highgarden, gold SLURL
Jewelry Gatcha items available at the Secret Affair SLURL
Hair !!Calico Creations!! Elisa SLURL
Pose Kirin Poses – Sakura Pose Pack SLURL
Sim Paradiso SLURL


I spent way to much time and lindens getting that head dress. It’s the ultra rare and boy howdy is it ULTRA rare. I need to figure out if I can remove the eye thing as it doesn’t QUIITEEEE work on my face.

If you haven’t yet and like the TV show Game of Thrones or the Books the show is based on get to the Secret Affair! So much pretty even if you’re not a fan! I picked up a number of stunning gowns.

There are in fact quite a few events this month that are worth a drop by! Far to many for me to list.

My sim of choice for my return is a stunning water sim I saw on a blog, that I now don’t remember whose it was. It’s a very relaxing and charming place to explore, with many remnants of the Worlds End Garden in it.

It’s called Paradiso, and a must go if you need a soothing get away from all the crazy shopping events going on.

I loved the candles floating about on the water the best.


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There is also a lovely teahouse in a skybox that you get to via an anywhere door at the landing point.

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You can see all my photos of Paradiso at this link here

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