Havenhollow Returns

Last years fun spooky trick or treating and haunted fun times is back this year with Havenhollow Returns! The trick or treating is still the same but there is a new haunted area to explore!

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Outfit Cerri’s Abracadabra SLURL
Jewelry 175 GF* 2011 Halloween Gift Spider Choker SLURL
Pose Embody Prop Pose Pack F PUMPKIN PATCH SLURL
Sim Havenhollow Returns SLURL

Once again the trick or treating on the sim is just fun in itself. Each home gives out something different and the decorations on each house is different from last year! The details the sim designers put into the build is amazing.

You can see all my photos of the sim at this link here

And again the way to the Scary area is hidden. Find the little girl talking about the pumpkin patch and follow her directions. there is nothing where last years haunted house was at.

And this years haunted are is a creepy abandoned either Asylum or hospital, not fully sure which. Be SURE to wear the hud you’re given to move about the place properly.

Once you get though the haunted area you’re taken to a pumpkin patch with prizes, both free and for sale. As well as an auction for a date with the members of group that puts on Havenhollow.

So go have some fun! Collect candy and get scared!

And I am now about to go load up my car and head off to The Haunted Castle of Muskogee. Same place my Renfaire is in May. Only now it’s done up for halloween with various haunted to go through. If you live near Muskogee, OK come find me at the Fireside Stories area! It’s free to get into the grounds *just not the haunts* and I am one of the storytellers!

RMK Halloween: the Magical Academy

Halloween post!

A nice list of halloween places to go is at Kirstentacular’s blog here

Also the destination guide has a good list

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Outfit *{ SeVered GarDeN }* PUKKY SLURL
Hair 175 Elite Hairs*.Hallow Spider Goddess hair SLURL
Pose :Picture This! Poses: By Lantern Light SLURL
Sim RMK Halloween: the Magical Academy SLURL

So this is a fun lil game event for Halloween. You do get a free uniform to wear but I wanted to explore with the above outfit. The uniforms rather cute though.

You’re playing a magician that is just learning the ropes. There are a few excilent guides on other blogs right now so no need for me to rehash, just link!

The official guide blog This also has a page with the gatcha prizes you are playing for.


Primdolls potion Recipe guide

If you go, know going in this can take a lot of time, each try for the gatcha prize is 10 silver, or 1 gold coin. I found the potions to be the easiest one to earn the coins with, but the most time consuming.

Now that is out of the way, the sim is quite nice! I enjoyed just exploring it

You can see all of my photos here

have fun when you go! It’s all sweets no real scares 🙂

Nightmare at the Park

So, it’s been a while since I made a post. Ugh. I have been HORRIBLE at posting this year. Next year I will do better though. I have a plan, that I will announce in December. I realized the problem and it shall be fixed! Booyah!

Anyway, It’s now October and the month of SL haunted places. I have a few I have gone to or will be going to hopefully by the end of the month and lets start with one of them now shall we?

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Outfit HK – Wives and Lovers – Halloween special Marketplace store
Hair “”D!va”” Hair “Norma” (Ruby) Halloween gift 2012 SLURL
Pose !bang – not afraid of the dark SLURL
Sim Nightmare at the Park SLURL

Nightmare at the Park is a well done and not too scary spot to go explore. The Sim windlight is perfect for it but you DO need the flashlight they offered to see things well! Make sure you have attached lights clicked to ON and have fun!

All my photos are here

Click on things, sit on things, and make sure your sound works!