Till next year..

Fantasy Faire 2015 is over for the year. The sims are still up for a few more days, till Linden Labs takes the magic away. But the faire events are done with. Just sight seeing and a weee bit of shopping to still do.

So far the totals for Money raised for Relay For Life is $30,752 USD. WOW! I believe that is a new fantasy faire record.

Thank you to all the amazing creators that offered such a wide variety of items for sale that helped raise that amount. And all those that just straight up donated. Thank you

One day we will win this battle against cancer and it is thanks to people that donate to fund the research that it will happen. But the money wont go to just that. It goes to help those currently fighting deal with it, be it treatments, emotional support or needed information.

Fantasy Faire 2015 Sim – Ravenshold and the 2015 Hunt, The Lost Land

Ravenshold (by Rynn Verwood)The hunt sim, hosting the second part of the Fairelands Hunt: The Lost Land. The snow-clad island stands slightly aside of the Fairelands circle, silent in its solitude. What secrets does it hold?

I am combining a post about the Faire hunt and the post about Ravenshold, the sim that the second part of the hunt takes place on, together as its logic. I am going to try to not be to spoilery, but some of my photos in the album link below may have some spoilers. And if you wish to read and exceptional guide to the hunt, that helps but doesn’t outright GIVE the answers head on over to Deoridhe at Primdolls and check out hers. First part is here and second part is here.

You can pick up a hunt hud at any landing point on all the Faire sims, and randomly if a nfew other places. You’ll have two choices, one that is just the hud, the other comes with a cute outfit by Bare Rose, which you can see in my photos of the hunt and Ravenshold, except the hat it came with. The outfit version is called delux and costs a bit more then just the hud. All in all, unless you get super stuck looking for something, it’ll take you about an hour to two hours to complete the entire hunt.

The first half of the hunt will take you to each of the Faire sims, looking for a person and then an item for the person. So you really get to see a lot of the sims. If you haven’t been around the sims yet its a great chance to see them all. It’s quite fun, and as your prize for this half of the hunt, you will get a little bit of each sim. Something from the builds. I could have happily stopped there, as those are some wonderful gifts. But then there is the SECOND half and that takes you to Ravenshard. And at the end of that half, your inventory gets FLOODED by wonderful gifts from various extremely generous Fantasy Faire creators. It’s going to take me a while to see what everything is!

Now Ravenshard itself is a sim of eternal winter. Beautifully done, you almost want to pull on a parka and live in it waiting for Christmas. It’s easy to navigate to get to the areas you need for the hunt, unless you have my stairs problem. And just breath taking. If there are not a lot of others on the sim working on the hunt I do recommend doing a bit of post hunt exploring. But do be mindful of other hunters while on the sim. Though sometimes, as you will see below, it can lead to fun photo ops!

You can see all my photos at this link here and a few more select ones at my flickr page