Devastating news..

My beloved Steelhead, my home for most of my Second going away at the end of September.

I was in tears, as was nearly everyone else, at the meeting today when Lunar announced it. It was not an easy decision for him to come by. But his health, his moms health and other reasons have brought him to it. He needs a break, and while he loves Steelhead dearly, financially it is not working for him.

And so, This month I will be spending it taking photos of the 5 sims before they vanish. And looking for a new home. I think I have a new place for the Teagarden in Caledon, but not a personal home yet. I might go back to the Willowdale estates, but I’d really like to find a place that has seasons, now that I have this stunning house that is season change. I had planned on it being my last home in Steelhead, But not THIS WAY!

The inworld group will remain, we’ll still be a family that way. As will the Steelhead Relay Team. But the sims will go. We are looking at a way to maintain the weekly Friday dance as well. this weeks will be at my teahouse, I’m not sure if I can make any of the others and I wanted to have a good last one.

Please come and visit the sims before they go away. They are so beautiful.


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