Relay is over once again.

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I usually try to do this Sunday evening, but I was to mind mushed still from Relay to manage it. It’s kinda a surreal year. The Relay track this year, FILLED with many amazing camp sights, felt odd. Why? Nearly everyone was getting the best performance they have ever gotten from it. I crashed a mere FIVE times! FIVE! normally I crash that many times with in the first lap, which also normally takes about 2 hours to make. This year no crashes that first lap and it took me less then an hour to make it. And overall I had no rubber banding, and only had two sim crossing parties, and one of those was due to the sim being full, not because it went down.

And it wasn’t just me getting a great performance out of the track. Loads of people had an amazing personal record setting day. Whatever the Relay committee did to get it to behave so well, they need to keep doing! The only down side to this is my usual challenge of buy a luminary when you crash did not earn as much as it usually does!

Because of the grand way the track behaved, I managed a personal record of 15 laps! AND I could have done at least 18 if I had felt like it. But I learned not to do two things this year. Anything the night before and anything the day after Relay. I was SOOO tired by the last lap, and needed SOME sleep before heading out of the house for a bit that night that I crashed. And due to being out of the house Friday night I did not get a photo of every camp sight pre Relay. On the track now getting post shots though. Hopefully most of the camsp are still up.

This year we had 1129 people on the track and we have earned $234,246 USD. And that total will go up a bit more by the time they totally wrap everything up in August.

All in all it was a grand Relay season!

A time to Remember

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what to write on this post right now. And all I can think of is a friend from Mischief Managed, that became close fast, who lost their Dad in May of this year to cancer. It happened suddenly as well, diagnosed and then passed in a week. It was so hard on them. My heart aches for them and their loss so much.

And then I turn to thoughts of two wonderful ladies I know through Renaissance faires. Both of them battling Breast Cancer, Both doing amazing with their fights. Survivor hearts! I would expect nothing less from them.

And then I turn to thoughts of yet another friend who is still fighting her two year battle with pancreatic cancer. She is so strong and amazing.

And so, I chose to write down about them.

And honor them all.

Lets get ready to RELAY!

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Steelhead sat out this year as our own team and a lot of us, as well as other Steamlanders, merged with Aether Chrononauts for the season. So I am waiting for the start of Relay in front of their lovely castle build, that is flying with all the flags of Secondlifes Steamlands.

This year I am relaying for a number of people, but I have nothing to represent them on. Just my usual items. But several Ren Faire friends are fighting Breast Cancer and one Mischief Managed friend lost his Dad this past May to Cancer. Hoping to get him on the track for a bit when he gets home from work.

One hour till Relay starts! BOOYAH!!