Fantasy Faire 2018 sim – Aetherea

Sponsored by Fallen Gods Inc.

Aetherea  by Alia Baroque.
The Immortal embrace where everyone is, where anyone can be and exist, Aetherea is beyond a touch and within reach, she’s a dance of whisps and a vision for an ascended eternal space of time and spirituality.

All my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

So here is the last of the shopping sims. After this its just the quest sim. And we have a FULL EXTRA WEEK OF FAIRE to do shopping and questing !! The sims will be open till May 7th!

Aetherea, has quite a story behind it, and not tied to the build story. That kinda mirrors the cancer journey. It rose from the faire mist a shining beacon of beauty, then, when faire opened, the sim got sick so very sick. I don’t know how other then it was so bad Lindens got involved, the sim got taken offline, wiped clean and Alia even rebuilt the entire thing and a new sim was put in place. Looked the same but, healthier. There’s a video here

Now, other then that. Aetherea is a stunning floating marble and gold city in the sky. White and glorious and peaceful. but then something happened. And she turned black, during Alia’s Jail and Bail. The funds raised in that, with a balance scale, determined how much of the city stayed white and how much stayed black. Read more here

I so wish I could have been to that but my comp needs an upgrade and I just cant manage jail and bails with decent graphics! Gotta get an upgrade for next year!

I love all the little things scattered about this sim, the altar offerings, the petals, the flying fish. The small details really make it.

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