Fantasy Faire 2018 sim – Ardessa

Sponsored by Emerald Hurst.

Ardessa by Éclair Martinek. – Fairelands Quest: The House of Garland
Ardessa hosts this year’s Fairelands Quest: the location where all the brave adventurers will do their best to aid the Bard Queen.

All my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

And here we have the last sim. Its a beautiful sim with so much hidden in its forests I could spend hours or days finding it all. But it is also the QUEST sim and so I was on a search for those items! I do highly recommend doing the quest. Theres a link up above and on every sim you can get a stand alone hud for 250L or one with an outfit by Silvan Moon Designs for 350L. Male and female versions. Both Hud packages give you the hud, and a shoulder version of Cheer the Dragon. which you get to keep at the end of the hunt. And besides those you get a TON of prizes for your small fee and that link doesn’t even show ALL of them.

I think this was my favorite quest to date. Did NOT see the end coming! The quest will take you to all of the fairelands, and give you a prize that matches the build, and then to Adressa for the rest..

Aside from being the quest sim it also hosts the virtual Hope Hostel Which every 500L donated to the kiosk in front will make more appear. Though I think by now it is fully built. The hostel is to represent the one that the funds raised by Fantasy Faire this year will help build. Which at the moment is $42,918.67 thats US dollars not lindens!

You have till Monday the 7th to do the quest!! It wont take to long take friend!

The ladies outfit for the quest, and Cheer on my shoulder!

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