Ten years of hope….

And we can hope and dream that before the next ten years are up a cure is found..

This is the end of the last day of Fantasy Faire’s big Tenth Anniversary event. Started in 2008. And I’ve been blogging it since 2012, more then half of its time on the grid.

I feel so honored to be a blogger for those years. Every year I get told I am selected once again makes my heart soar. And I hope to still be able to do so for as long as the Faire is around and needed.

This year I am grateful that no one in my life has been lost or lost a love one to Cancer during the run. I still have some fighting it but they are on the winning side of their battles right now if not almost beaten it.

One day this fight will be over for EVERYONE and the Fairelands Junction will forever fade into the mist. with perhaps maybe one last hurrah as a party to celebrate the end of Cancer.

This past year was not that year, but we still dealt the Unweaver a HUGE blow with the funds raised in the time the lands where up. The extended Time in the sims have allowed the faire to collect $42,169 USD or over ELEVEN MILLION in Lindens. IN TWO WEEKS . And all of it going to build the Hope Hostel in Kenya. That’s a MASSIVE strike against Cancer. Its going to help so many people that previously could not be reached.

But I will keep hoping that a cure will be found, and keep Relaying to find it and to help those with Cancer.

Until it is found..

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