I am not a fashion blogger. I’ll say that up front. I may do something every so often about fashion, if it strikes my fancy. But blogging outfits, hunts, and stores is not the purpose of this blog.

I’m more a Second Life, “life recorder”. I go to sims and events and I take photos. I do this to well, record what is going on, what the sim looked like, the people there. HEY LOOK I’m a SL tourist! I like to explore, a lot.

I rarely do post processing, other then cropping.

Though I am not a fashion blogger, I do try to give credit for what I am wearing in my photos. Unless its a large mishmash of photos taken over several weeks and I’m in several outfits. Because that would just get ridicules.

If I go to a sim, even if I leave and do somethign else, I generally strive to keep the same outfit on for the time I am in it. But I do take random shots and shots from events, and those many times will be all stuck in one post.

That said, if you see me in something and have no idea where its from. ASK, I will check and tell you.

And I do like to get artsy with my photos sometimes. Messing with windlight and poses and some post processing.

All posts are cross posted to my Livejournal at
http://softpaw-sommer.livejournal.com/ Which also has many older posts.


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