Fantasy Faire 2018 sim – The Willows of Nienna

Sponsored by Titans & Solarium.

The Willows of Nienna  by Kilik Lekvoda.
Willows weep into the waters of time poured out by Nienna, the Lady of Compassion, who rules this land, a place of rest where travelers come to find comfort in grief. Here in her tranquil garden of tears, Nienna teaches the endurance of the spirit and the power of hope and time to heal.

All my photos of this sim can be seen at this link here

This sim is just, calming. You can sit for hours among the willows on the banks of the water and just, feel so at peace. It has a simplistic but regale beauty to it. The focal point of it all is the goddess statue spilling water out of a bowl as if to calm you with the sound.

It’s a welcoming sim. Just find a spot and relax in it.


Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim – The Halls of Story

Sponsored by Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

The Halls of Story by Elicio Ember. – Literary Festival & Live at the Fairechylde 
Once upon a time there was a race of ancient beings, older than humans, older than dwarves, some say even older than the elves and the folk. These beings were story-tellers and song-singers, their songs and stories shaped many cultures. This is their Hall. Here they gathered many of their tales. Some were light and happy, some were sad, some were dark. Some were even dangerous. As the aeons passed, these beings faded into story themselves, and the hall fell silent and in the end, it was forgotten. It was the Elves who found it anew, restored it, and opened it and its tales to all races and realms. Since then, the Halls of Story have gathered tales from many times, races, and places, and some say…even many realities. Welcome to the Halls of Story.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

I have decided that it is impossible for Elicio Ember to not make a just stunningly gorgeous sim. Like not just by a contract of some sort, but I am pretty sure it would physically hurt him if he made an ugly or even plain sim.

The Halls of Story is the home of the Literary Festival this year, and as they are having special George R. R. Martin events the halls are decked in Game of Thrones insignia.

The Halls themselves is a stunning glass and stone building perched atop a cliff so that the sun can hit them just right to let it glimmer into the building and highlight the statue at the end on a small dais. To one side of the building is the port for Fantay Faires flag ship, the Fairechylde. Lounging area’s, bookshelves, tables and chairs are scattered about waiting for someone to come hear or tell a story.

Small Gardens, Fountains, gazebos and a store for Elico’s items, including some of the parts of the sim, are scattered about the rest of the sim.

ALSO GOOD NEWS! Thanks to the Linden’s Jail and Bail, the sims are being kept open till MAY 7TH! The last event is on Sunday but you can still come and shop and do the hunt for another week!

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim – Severina – creators

Click here for a list of all the stores on Severina with SLURL’s to their main stores and to the sim I will not be posting SLURL’s individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I’ll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire exclusive items, or items by FF vendors only.

If you are into the Goth look this is THE sim for you! there is also the store for the sim sponsors called Battle Breedables which, looks interesting but I have no idea what its about. I may look ino it.

But really….all the goth stores! Check it out!

First up is a stunning sleek purple and black gown by Goth1c0 called Soul Long Gown. I paired it with a necklace from The Little Bat called Kur that was practacaly MADE to go with this gown as it fits so well in the neckline! The necklace is color change and you can get a close up of the charm here Its a multicolored scale pattern

Next is a fiery gown by Roped Passions called Phoenix Rising. It comes with the gown, necklace, head piece and some bits I am not wearing, wings and ankle bands. The necklace says HOPE and you can see it closer here

This is another outfit by Roped Passions and again is everything you see here, except the necklace , plus there are boots. The necklace is by The Little Bat again and is called Ryu and like the other is color change and there is a close up here

Now for the rez items! We have here Oubliette’s Witch Tapestry , which comes with a hud that changes the pattern on it. Icaland’s Book candle holder which is just perfect for a magic library And by Kaerri I have a Unicorn statue and bits of their Aljana Set, which is an amazing Moroccan themed room set including all manner of furniture, plants and even walls and oors!

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim – Severina

Sponsored by BattleBeast Breedables.

Severina by Lokii Violet.
From the mists, the village peeks from beneath it’s blanketing shadow, spires that reach to the heavens for salvation that never comes.. It’s spoken only as a myth to some, where creatures of the darkness hold dominion over the very light itself to swaddle the island in the goddess of the night’s sway. Severina sings like a siren’s call, beckoning the wayward travelers from their domiciles; stray not too far without a lantern, and raise your glass and tip your hat to the ferryman, for he may be the last one that sees you to that good rest if you don’t make it to the next night.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

And from the brightness of the Story Well into the darkness of Severina we go. This sim is Gothic beauty at its finest, even the sea is purple. The harbor is guarded by sentinels high on lighted towers looking down while the buildings loom along the edges. Dark trees and glowing faces dot about as if watching your every move.

But even in the darkness there is light and hope, as can be found by a memorial of candles in some caves at the end of the harbor. This is a sim full of stories waiting to be found…go look for them!

This sim hosts the RP group Sanctuary and has an ongoing story line with it Learn more here

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim – The Story Well

Sponsored by SWANK.

The Story Well by Lilia Artis & Haveit Neox Main Performance Stage & Fantasy Faire Art Gallery
Horseshoe shaped island which rises from the ocean like a hill. Covered by bright houses and a castle at the summit with the look of a naive painting with primary colors. In the proximity of the castle is a well which is also the entry to the world below the sea; a realm of fantasy creatures. In the far corner of the sim is the performance stage made out of rafts, nearly flush with the ocean.  The audience seats are on sheets of paper that appear to be floating between the stage and the cave entrance at the base of the hill island. The hillside not facing the stage will have a harbor with the fantasy art galleries.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

This sim just, makes you happy to see it. The bright colors, the crayon kids drawings and playdo buildings. its just a fun build. Up on land AND underwater, I am sure i missed things! So many things to find. Something new at every turn. and be sure to vote for Fantasy Faire King, Queen and Canceler Or look over the silent auction items and maybe you’ll get yourself a deal!

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim – Athenaeum Arcana – creators

Click here for a list of all the stores on Athenaeum Arcana with SLURL’s to their main stores and to the sim I will not be posting SLURL’s individually, as you can get them all at this handy link. If you need one for an item I have on that is NOT at Fantasy fair, and that will mostly be hair and poses, Ask for it! I’ll be happy to tell you, but I am trying to highlight the Fantasy Faire exclusive items, or items by FF vendors only.

There are some grand shops tucked away in this library! Even one of the rare pose shops! So have fun shopping!

Lets start off with a gown that makes me giggle due to plot reasons over on Mischief Managed, John Dee’s Emborium Wolvesbane gown, Wreath and poisonous plants book, He’s got a whole set of things themed around the Aconite plant in fact! More then I am showing here! And i am using the perfect pose for a library from, MMMA and it is simply called 1808.

Next up is this divine gown by Viki called Maggie, it comes with a hud to change the color. I paired it with a necklace from Empyrean Forge called Springleaf necklace, its not their relay offering but MATCHES it, their relay offering is a pair of earrings in the same style. And like all Empyrean Forge items it is so well made I wish it existed in real life.

And the last outfit I have for you is a cute pants suit by Touryuumon called Velvet Flowers. Its just right for a martial artist that wants to be stylish!

And lastly I bring you three of the many dragon or fantasy themed statues you can get from Beyond Majestic, I think the middle one, called Potions master, is my fav.

Fantasy Faire 2018 Sim – Athenaeum Arcana

Sponsored by ~Jeanette’s Joint~

Athenaeum Arcana (Beq Janus)
Legends tell of a grand library, hidden between our worlds; of archivists and adventurers dedicated to saving the stories that we weave; of vast dimensional portals tearing through the very fabric of reality; and of how at its height, through folly or foul play, it was destroyed. Now, for those lucky few that know how to find it, the once great Athenaeum stands frozen in time at the very moment of destruction. A crossroads between realities, the wildest most incredible bazaar any world has ever seen.

All my photos of this sim are at This link here

So I kept joking that sim is the perfect example of why you “Don’t speak latin around the books” Because it is a library that is being destroyed by someone summoning the WRONG thing.

A little confusing to navigate but the story it presents is amazing. Who sealed off the library? What are the giant ferris wheel things? Just how big IS that monster? Can it be reversed? Can the books be saved? SO many questions! Beq did an amazing job of story telling here! One you want to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?!?